Gerrit Lösch

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Gerrit Lösch has been requested to provide a deposition at numerous child sexual abuse cases in the United States to give evidence. To date, Watch Tower's lawyers have ensured he has not had to do so.


Gerrit Lösch Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

Full Name: Gerrit Lösch

Governing Body Committee Memberships:
Personnel Committee and Service Committee

Governing Body Committee Overseer:
Personnel Committee

Super Power: Court Dodger

Arch Nemesis: Irwin Zalkin

Catchphrase: I do not answer to Watchtower!

Nationality: Austrian

Birthplace: Austria, 1941

Baptism: January 1959

Gilead Graduate: 41st Class

Branch Committee Membership: Austria (1976 – 1989)

GB Helper Membership: 1992

GB Helper: Service Committee

GB Membership:  July 1, 1994

Languages: German, English, Romanian, Italian

Spouse: Merete