Samuel Herd

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Samuel Herd once gave a talk about how women have a cranial capacity that is 10% smaller than their male counterparts. He used this claim as justification for why women should be in subjection to men.


Samuel Frederick Herd Governing Body

Full Name: Samuel Frederick Herd

Governing Body Committee Memberships:
Publishing Committee, Service Committee, and Writing Committee

Governing Body Committee Overseer:
Publishing Committee

Super Power: Misogyny

Arch Nemesis: Intelligent Women

Catchphrase: Scientists say that the cranial capacity of a woman is 10% smaller than that of a man. So now this shows that she is just not equipped for the role of headship. Her role is one of subjection to the man.

Baptism: March 1957

Circuit Overseer: January 1965 – August 1997

GB Helper Membership: 1997

GB Helper: Service Committee

GB Membership:  October 2, 1999

Languages: English

Spouse: Gloria