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Because Jehovah's Witnesses have an extreme form of shunning, which has a related impact on child sexual abuse victims, they have created one of the largest groups of anti-cult activists within any religious community.

EXJW YouTube Channels

Here is a listing of EXJW channels. If you would like to have your channel listed below or would like to provide updated information regarding your channel, please submit such details here.
EXJW YouTube Channels
Channel NameChannel URLChannel DescriptionChannel Language
A Is For Apostate is for Apostate is a channel dedicated to sharing my journey from growing up in the Jehovah's Witness high control group, to my waking up from the indoctrination and my current and future activism. Also to explain the JW faith, beliefs and practices to those who may not be aware. I am simply here to tell the truth about an high control organization that has been responsible for harming countless lives.English
Angelena Rivera
Another ExJW
Ana Cecilia Hannickel would like its members to believe that leaving the organization is the same as leaving "Jehovah"/God. They use Fear, Obligation and Guilt to hold their members hostage, even if the members no longer believe their teachings. My channel is proof that it gets better on the other side. The "world" isn't as bad as Watchtower wants you believe and it is possible to have a happy, successful and meaningful life. It's a bumpy road towards healing, but it's worth the heartache, I promise you that.English, Spanish
Apostate Jerky Boy
Apostace to Jehovah's Witnesses, de-facto atheist using the BITE model and modern psychology and historical research to look for answers. I talk about my journey through research, therapy, and learning about queerness and human rights strifes of our society. English
ApostateChick created this channel to put a friendly face to the term "apostate".English
Ayanda Mbuyazi JW from South Africa who very loudly and publicly left and speaks outEnglish
Ask a Jehovah's Witness
Beroean Pickets
BiteYerBumHard channel with apostate parody songs and sketches by an ex BBC comedy and song writer.English
Cass D The non-Apostate Apostate a former Jehovah's Witness, we discuss the pains of being raised as a Jehovah's Witness. This cult is wrongly classified as a religion and many are unaware for the dangers the members within face.English
Cindy Quick recovery, growth, successes, victories, and freedomEnglish
Coach Rod purpose of this channel is to help people who have left the Jehovah's Witness religion find fulfillment in life. My goal here is to address the subject that I know the most about, recovering and thriving after living a religion based on mind-control. This is not a channel to vent or share anger and resentment, but a place to learn to live at your highest potential!English
Covert Fade former Jehovah's Witness bringing humour and analysis to all things Watchtower.English
Channel of Communication Channel will try to explain why the governing body of Jehovah's witnesses are not god's channel of communication which is the main belief that keeps all Jehovah's witnesses from finding out the real truth about their religions organization English
Chessa Manion
David & Vivian Aspinall in discernment issues related to Christianity and the cults, especially The Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses). Also education, literacy & literary criticism, propaganda and media, and the historical, economic and social aspects of religion.English
Diary of an Awkward Ex-JDub Mum purpose of this channel is for me to heal, get some things off my chest about the religion of my youth, and hopefully help others in the process. Sorry in advance for the awkward pauses, "umms" and audio editing. This is my first experience with podcasting and telling my story to others.English
Elorah Dannon
Erika the Empress NakedTruth intend this channel to be a useful tool in ones attainment of oneness of mind heart & spirit; unlocked to move authentically and freely in their own unique Truth.English
Ex Bethelite's Witness, ex-Bethelite, ex-Ministerial Servant. Telling my story and helping the public understand the dangers of this cult.English
Ex Jehovah's witness #4747
EX JW Elder's Wife Jane Doh the teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society through their own literature.English
ExJW Courtney Nicole
ExJW Fifth someone leaves the Jehovah's Witnesses, they are silenced by this religion. My channel allows individuals to share their honest experiences so as not to feel silenced. It also shares valuable information about the religion to which rank and file JWs and the community in general are not privy.English
Ex JW Kid JW Kid channel has a goal to help Ex Jehovah's Witnesses find happiness, joy and discover purpose in their lives. Through humor and creative ways I also hope to educate current Jehovah's Witnesses. With hopes to wake up members of the Watchtower organization, in turn saving them and their families.English
ExJW Critical Thinker former teachers and members of Watchtower theology, we have insider information to raise public awareness. Most important, we know the psychological tactics the organization uses to lure unsuspecting converts into believing its deceptive teachings.English
ExJW Mother
ExJw joseph J 16 years Joseph walked away from the Jehovah Witnesses after learning the Truth about the Truth of the Organization. Joseph now shares his experiences and works to debunk the lies about the Watchtower Organization and it's Leaders the Governing Body in hope that those looking to leave can gain the courage through the information he shares. English
ExJw Philippines
ExJW True Thrivors this channel I share my experiences about growing up as one of Jehovah’s witnesses,my awakening to reality, and the experiences of my journey from Watchtower indoctrination . Through dialogue and discussions, the channel seeks to support those are are leaving and help those who have left (me included)to recover from Watchtower indoctrination. The channel does not bash Jehovah’s witnesses nor does it undermine watchtower society. However, I feel obligated to share an insight into what it’s like to be one of Jehovah’s witnesses in order to help people to make informed life decisions.English
ExJW Sonny True
ExJW Still Fading focus is to help other JW's or ExJW's have an easy transition once they leave the watchtower organization. Perhaps I can give some comfort to those who feel they may be alone or hiding by themselves.English
Exjw Smurf Girl'm the girl who started the legend of the demonized Smurf walking down the isle of the kingdom hall back in 1984. 5th, in a 6th generation JW family. Ex/Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Cult Survivor, Activist and Apostate, exposing the cruel, harsh reality of the Jehovah’s witnesses.English
ExJW Watching the Watchtower an Exjw, who served for many years as a pioneer and had "parts" on the Assemblies and Conventions, I hope to help someone who has also suffered at the hands of the Jehovah witness cult and its leaders known as the Governing Body. English
EXJW Unbaptized Publisher - LOST AND FOUND is a channel for all who have been, or may be affiliated with the JW ORGANIZATION and seeking information about others’ experiences. English
Eve 2.0 ex-JW who was formerly fooled by the talking snake (otherwise known as the Watchtower organization) helping others to put the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses to the test. English
faithtofaithless to Faithless was founded in 2015 to raise awareness of apostasy and support those who were leaving or had left religion. The organisation works with ex-Evangelical Christians, ex-Ultra-Orthodox Jews, ex-Muslims, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and others.English
FIFTH YouTube channel for rap artist "FIFTH"English
First Generation Apostates
Former2free Exjw aim is to inspire the courage it takes to stand up to these institutions and expose them for who they really are. English
Goatlike Personality
glen coward
Glen Riedel este canal encontraras activismo puro en contra del Cuerpo Gobernante y su doctrina anti bíblica que perjudica tu vida, salud y familia.Espanol
Fortunate Awakening is my prayer that your are encouraged by this channel’s content. God has allowed us to wake up. We can see the lies of the organization that we were once controlled by.English
Fateful Slave channel presents logical discussion that should promote critical thinkingEnglish
Humanist Skeptics Live of diverse backgrounds discussing human rights, religion, gender, politics, issues concerning people of color, and current events.English
IAM TruthSeeker presence on YouTube stems from my desire to want to help others. The Witness religion is very toxic and most of the people in it do not realize its effects until they have stepped away and looked back objectively. I hope that by telling my story and sharing the many things I have learned along the way, people will find insight, inspiration, and the courage to walk away from what I have now come to realize is most definitely NOT "the truth." English
Infinite Light purpose of my channel is to enlighten those who have an open mind and heart to consider an alternative to the common view of God and what true spirituality was meant to be from the beginning of creation.English
Jay The Comedian
jason zelda
JDUB lYFE created this channel to add some humor to a sometimes dreadful environment i had to endure growing up as a Jehovah's Witness. Many of these skits will be actually from real life occurrences from myself and others ive heard or saw in my life. i hope you enjoy and remember!English
Jexit 2020 make videos sharing my experiences of recovering from religious trauma/abuse and trying to help others recover too.English
Jizeru1 of the Fallen Angels Podcast and potentially other Apostate shenanigans in the future. I try to explain JW concepts in an entertaining and easy to understand way. I also talk about my former PIMO life and I am willing to recieve other people's story submissions as well.ake videos sharing my experiences of recovering from religious trauma/abuse and trying to help others recover too.English
Judge me unforgiven
July July
Jumongi The Apostate voicing my disagreements to elders the marking and ostracism began and so I started to make videos about my views and things that did not make sense with the organization.English
JW Brainwashing
JW Escape a JW kid and feeling like I could never do "enough", I finally escaped after 23 years and floundered for nearly 20 years to find my way. I still believed it for awhile but the worldview that I lost was beginning to take shape. I finally found truth and want to shout it from the rooftops.English
JW Review with John Maple & Examining the Teachings & Policies of the Jehovah’s Witness Organization English, Spanish
JWCult Jehovah's Witnesses (Kevin L Dean & Shelly Dean-Braieoux) sharing our experiences in the religion and the freedom after leavingEnglish
JW Suicides those who have taken their own lives due to the Watchtower Society/Jehovah's Witnesses' policies, and supporting those currently suicidal due to shunnng, the threat of shunning, etcEnglish
JW Thoughts
JW Survivor - Renee Cordeschi after leaving a high control groupEnglish
jwpublisher1 also want to point out the many errors of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that most Jehovah's Witnesses know nothing about because they are told to abstain from researching on their own by the Watchtower.English
jwFairyTale little stories about Jehovah's Witnesses are artistic fictionalizations and do not depict any actual persons living or dead.English
JW_untoldtruth Australia Untold Truth and secrets of Jehovah witnesses.English
JWStruggle of us that are or were Jehovah's Witnesses are now awakening to the serious problems existing within the WT. My goal is to make sense of it all and give help and support to those among my JW brothers and sisters that are disillusioned and hurting. This channel is setup to help you keep your faith and maintain your composure as you wake up to "The Truth About The Truth".English
JWvictims the victimizing policies of the Watchtower Corporation, better known as Jehovah's WitnessesEnglish
Kim Mikey
Kameron Fader was born and raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Now I'm talking about my experiences to help others continue to get out of the Watchtower Cult. I now work hard against all cults from hiding child abuse, mental health, and being your best self after leaving a destructive cult. English
Kenyan EXJW Chris and Swahili
Kyla Polee
LaFam Capable! Welcome to my channel! My name is Maxie. This channel is about my experience leaving the Watchtower and my journey in life after leaving. The name "Lafam Capable" is a mixture of haitian creole and french. It's a title derived from the bible that mean " Capable Woman".I love that name because I believe I am Capable of doing anything I set my mind to do. Please subscribe to my channel.English
Lady Cee Hidden Struggles part of this growing community provides the perfect opportunity to learn valuable life lessons without experiencing the drama. This podcast is geared towards helping men and women attain success. It is motivational, offers life experiences and a platform to network with like-minded individuals. Listening to others discuss how they have overcome personal struggles is one way of receiving a learning experience up close and personal. We are seeking to connect with individuals willing to share their struggles and how they overcame them as a means of helping others that may find themselves in similar circumstances. English
Lavender Frog
LearnLoveHeal years of repressing the traumas of my past, I finally decide to speak up and share my truth regarding leaving the Jehovah's Witness Organization. Healing and de-conditioning my mind from it's teachings was no easy task, but one I am willing to share, with the hope that it may help you on your journey.English
Life After Religion people who have left there religion or are thinking about leaving to find there own unique path to God. English
Living Truth was born a third generation Jehovah’s Witness, and lived that life for just over 35 years. When I went through a heartbreaking divorce from a 17 year marriage, a major shift happened. It resulted in me being able to truly examine the JW organization, which resulted in an unexpected paradigm shift of my belief systems. I'm inspired to share my story and experiences, if even just to let others know they aren’t alone. "Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person."English
Lloyd Evans YouTube channel hosts a range of videos aimed at dissecting the various teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as new developments in the religion.English
Locked In The Tower
Marcus Vaughn
Mark Martin this channel I will analyze the JW's view of certain doctrines and I will attempt to show Biblical reasoning points to share with your JW family or friends.English
Maritsa Chairo channel is for EX Jehovah's Witnesses, especially us women. I share my stories and what I have learned since leaving the organization in 2020 after being in it for 55 years. I am a 4th generation JW with most of my family being still in the organization.English
Matt Christopher for truth. Review and expose of false teachings and questionable practices of Jehovah's Witness leaders and the Watchtower. Dedicated for all seeking information and support. Providing a forum for discussion and sharing. Supportive community for all seeking to transition away from high control groups and abusive relationships. Ex Jehovah's witness support.English
Mentally Diseased survivor finding humor in the trauma, discussing the experiences of former Jehovah's Witnesses, and dispelling misconceptions about so-called "Mentally Diseased" apostates. Seeking insights on how to heal, deprogram, and move on as better people.English
Millstone Research
Ms Essense I decided not to be a Jehovah’s Witness any longer I had to figure out many things on my own. My goal is to help provide the guidance and healing tips I wish I had when I left. Take what you need and leave what you don’t English
my exjw life I created this channel as a means to help people transition from being a Jehovah's Witness / Watchtower member, to living outside of that organization. and living a happy, mentally stable, guilt free, and prosperous life.English
My Ex Jehovah Witness Reflections channel is not about incidents I endured but more about dealing with the trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and how I try cope daily after my horrific experiences when I was a Jehovah's Witness. I will also be expressing my thoughts on other topics too.English
Never Stop Searching for Truth leaving an abusive religious cult in 2012, we've been searching for truth ever since.English
Nigerian ExJW Speaks musings of a Nigerian former Jehovah's witness. After learning the TRUTH about the truth, I am struggling to quiet my thoughts or shut my mouth.English
Out Of Control against high control groups and offering a platform to share inspirational stories.English & Dutch
propagandatechniques is my job to warn you, the unsuspecting public, of the tactics used by the Watchtower Society, the brain behind Jehovah's Witnesses.English
Philshi Delisi
Rick Fearon is my mission to expose the real truth behind the dangerous and destructive cult known as the Jehovah's Witnesses.English
Robin Jackson Jackson, former Jehovah's Witness, discusses the inner workings of the organisation and cults in general.English
RunFromTheTower the hypocrisy and destructive practices of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society corporation fronted by the religious name of Jehovah's Witnesses.NA
Ruth Moram
Sean Miller
Sharing In Her Sins ExJW talk about exJW stuff. Mostly the Watchtower Organization and mind control.English
Shunned by Men Loved by God
Spirit Analyzer
Susan Gaskin
Światusy tym kanale nie chemy oczerniać świadków ale pomóc tobie zrozumieć co stoi za ich zachowaniami i postawami byś być może ty, pomógł im wyzwolić się z sideł psychomanipulacji, której poddawani są każdego dnia. Polskie (Polish)
Telltale cults and oppressive religions English
Totally Awake! Exjw
Tory XJW
The Blue Envelope this channel, I talk about a variety of topics having to do with the religion. I named the channel The Blue Envelope because we talk about things which aren't always common knowledge. Special blue envelopes were used by congregations to send reports of judicial committees to Watchtower headquarters. The distinct color ensured that women working in Bethel mailrooms wouldn't open the correspondence. Service Department eyes only! English
The C.O. Visit I just want to share my life experiences as an ex Jehovah's Witness, the bad, the ugly, and the FUBAR. Among stories and experiences I'll also be exposing how the Watchtower organization adulterates scripture to suit their purposes.English
The Exjw Family name is Kayleigh and my husband is Patrick. We spent 30 years of our lives in the high control group known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Patrick was an elder and I was a pioneer before escaping almost three years ago with our, then, two small children. We hope, by creating awareness of the existence of cults through our personal experience, we can help even one person to find the courage to break free and live life with authenticity. It may be raw, it may be messy, but we’ll never take for granted the beauty of our new found freedom. THIS is our journey.English
The Fallen Hall EXJW by Dee
The Falling Tower goal is to provide the information necessary to show the deception used by this organization, point out its hypocrisy, and give any assistance possible to help others come to terms with waking up from the indoctrination and dealing with those who are still in it.English
The Fig Leaf Jehovah's Witness candidly discussing how being part of the Organisation affects relationships, sex and more. English
The JW Chronicles channel is a parody about the JW religion. I will be producing parody cartoon videos that show the interesting and absurd teachings and behavior of the governing body, bethelites and JWs in general.English
The Irregular Pioneer Channel goal is to inform active JW's, and non-JW's about the organization in a way that you will never hear at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. I also seek to be a voice for those who realize that they are in a fraudulent organization, and for those who have left the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.English
The PIMO Channel
The Truth Hurts objective of this channel is to encourage ones to build a belief system based on evidence rather than emotion; to analyze different perspectives while attempting to be as unbiased and intellectually honest as possible. English
The Shunned Experience'm Jordan Robertson, ex Jehovah's Witness, my channel's purpose is to speak out and shed light on the teachings, policies and scriptural interpretation of the bible by the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses also know as Watchtower. I also wish to provide a platform for ex Jehovah's Witnesses to have their say & relay their experiences. English
TheraminTrees is an adult-oriented channel that explores issues around abuse, manipulation, dogma and systems of undue influence.English
Thrive After Abuse about the red flags of a narcissist, and other types of emotional manipulators, as well as what you can do to break the cycle and keep them out of your life for good!English
TruthSurvives411 to my channel where I share my experiences and views on my journey as a Jehovah's Witness that shaped over 25 years of my life.English
Truth Seeker - JW Nightmares
True Faced channel is not to bash or defame, it is strictly to bring awareness & support to all who may be seeking it, whether a member or not. Everyone who considers making an important life decision deserves to have access to all of the information. Unfortunately, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society does not divulge all of this information. So we're here to tell the other side of the story in an objective, logical & factual manner.English
vinny vincent
WakeUpWitnesses videos on this channel will consist of our experiences inside & outside of the JW organization. English
Wallkill Bethelite
Watchtower Examination channel is created by a non-Jehovah's Witness to not simply to point out the errors and false prophecies of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, but to point to a better alternative - chiefly, Jesus Christ.English
Watchtower Reviewz review Watchtower propaganda films and examine common mind control techniques employed by high control groupsEnglish
Wendi Renay this channel we create content that helps people lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives with the overall aim of finding their voice. Having been in a high-control religion for 37 years, I know the pain associated with unraveling indoctrination. Religion is a breeding ground for narcissism and when it’s a religious parent with toxic narcissistic traits, catching the signs can be extremely difficult. On the side, I’m a Certified Life Transformation Coach specializing in helping survivors of narcissistic parenting and high-control religion. An upbringing like this requires shifts in your mindset to leave it all behind. I believe it is extremely Important to deconstruct indoctrination in various healthy ways, and we will talk about those ways on this channel.English
What's Up Watchtower
Watchtower EX someone who has grown up in the Jehovah's Witnesses organization, I had this belief that what they taught was not only the truth about the bible, but the truth about the universe. I am now sharing my issues with not only the organization, but also with the bible as a whole. It is not my wish to sway an individual's decision one way or another (although I would love to), but rather, share my experiences as a mentally EX JW. English
Watchtower Trap Society methods and techniques to successfully reach Jehovah's Witnesses. Learn to ask the right questions for which the cult member has no ready made, "canned" answer or one that can simply be dismissed to "just see" (as if it had any answers).English
XJW Documentary film and music creatives have come together to capture the unique exit experiences of former members from around the world. Their stories focus on present life philosophies, personal growth and strength on the outside as they reflect on their past. Culturally, sexually, and racially diverse, they reveal their experiences leaving the religion and moving forward.English
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