About Us

The Mission of AvoidJW.org

The mission of AvoidJW.org is to analyze the beliefs, customs and doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses and present it logically and honestly to our readers so that they can become more informed about this religion. AvoidJW.org educates it readers so that they can determine for themselves if Jehovah’s Witnesses are truly a religion that represents God, or if it is a corrupt sect or a family-destroying cult. 

AvoidJW.org is a Non-Profit Organization

AvoidJW.org does not seek nor accepts donations of any kind. There is no advertisements nor any other money-making methods used to further the work of AvoidJW.org. No profit is gained in any manner from this website. All work conducted by its members is done wholly by volunteers who give of their time and knowledge freely to inform the world about the dangers of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their doctrine.  The only profit gained is that those who are truly searching for the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses may find it here on AvoidJW.org.

The View of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses sincerely believe that all humanity are going to be doomed in an ever-looming Great Tribulation that they believe is about to come upon the earth very soon*. They believe that only Jehovah’s Witnesses will survive the Great Tribulation and enter a paradise world where there will no longer be pain or suffering (Rev 21:4). They firmly believe that members who have died before the Great Tribulation will be resurrected in to that paradise world. Furthermore, they believe that all humanity who died and never had an opportunity to learn and accept the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses will also be resurrected. This includes all humanity who died before the formation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. – Acts 24:15

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the only way to save yourself from this impending doom is to convert to their religion. Indeed, you must submit to the mind-controlling authority of their Governing Body in New York. Furthermore, you must also go door-to-door preaching their “good news” of doom and convert people to their religion.

The Purpose of the AvoidJW.org website

The AvoidJW.org website is designed to help you learn about:

  • The mind-controlling nature of the organization behind Jehovah’s Witnesses, otherwise known as The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.
  • The older or secretive publications from the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society that they would rather you not read or even know about.
  • The deceptive reasoning provided in their magazines, The Watchtower and the Awake!
  • The corruption found within their bibles, current & past editions.
  • Key individuals, dead and/or alive, who were/are associated in some way with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • The reasoning methods Jehovah’s Witnesses employ when they call to your door.
  • The view they take of individuals who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • The view they take of individuals who were once Jehovah’s Witnesses but left the religion.
  • The questions you need to ask them when they approach you with their message.
  • Why it is necessary for you to preach when you convert to their religion.
  • How to avoid them if they approach you or knock on your door.
  • The destructive nature of many parts of their doctrine.

The AvoidJW.org Symbols

The logo of AvoidJW.org, contains two symbols: one of a man with a briefcase and one of a hot-air balloon.

The man with a briefcase is a representation of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses’ former lives as peddlers of Watchtower literature and proponents of their website, JW.org.

The hot-air balloon is a representation of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have discovered the truth about “the truth” and have attained freedom from a cult that had controlled every aspect of their lives through constant and relentless indoctrination.  The hot-air balloon provides you a mode of transport that gives you a unique vantage point. In a symbolic sense, the hot-air balloon is a device that provides you with a completely objective view of the evidence and thus attain the real truth. AvoidJW.org, along with many other websites, work rigorously to be that device.

Our hope is that from your reading of information on AvoidJW.org, you will attain true freedom for yourself, for your family, and for your friends.

Good health to you!


AvoidJW.org would not be a source of valuable information without the immense help and support of individuals across the globe. We’d like to give special thanks and respect to Watchtower Underground, Watchtower Wayback, Mike & Kim, P Asare, J Redwood, Average Joe, B Bowen and Wifibandit. The tireless volunteer work these folks do behind the scenes is incredible.