David Splane

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Governing Body member, David Splane, is most noted for his explanation of the "Overlapping Generations"; an interpretation of prophecy that is not found in scripture. It is used to address a flaw in Jehovah's Witnesses' understanding of Bible prophecy.


David H. Splane Governing Body Member

Full Name: David H. Splane

Governing Body Committee Memberships:
Personnel Committee, Publishing Committee, and Writing Committee

Governing Body Committee Overseer:
Writing Committee

Super Power: No reflection

Arch Nemesis: Unfulfilled Prophecy

Catchphrase: You must sing!

Nationality: Canadian

Gilead Graduate: 42nd Class

Missionary: Senegal, Africa

Circuit Overseer: 1971 – 1990

GB Helper Membership: 1998

GB Helper: Writing Committee

GB Membership:  October 2, 1999

Languages: English

Spouse: Linda