Bringing Reproach on Jehovah's Name

Bringing Reproach on Jehovah’s Name

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that God’s name is Jehovah. They also believe it is imperative that a true Christian should use God’s name. These beliefs are primarily based on a biblical scripture found at Psalms 83:18. … Read More →

Salvation Maybe Featured Image

Salvation, … Maybe

For the majority of mainstream Christians, salvation isn’t a question. If you would ask any Christian if they were saved, they would unquestionably answer yes. Why is that? Well, there are many verses in the … Read More →

Are Birthdays Okay?

Are Birthdays OK?

Magyarul olvasni. Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses forbid birthday celebrations? Questions From Readers section in The Watchtower magazine dated October 15, 1998, page 30 poses this question: Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses observe wedding anniversaries. A birthday is an anniversary … Read More →

What if? My Daughter's Story

What If? My Daughter’s Story

I was a Mormon and quite discouraged with my faith because of the abuse I had suffered as a child. So, I had been agnostic for about 5 years. I was in a difficult marriage and … Read More →

Are there scientific errors in the bible?

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have their Own Bible?

Inserting the word Apostasy into Isaiah

Inserting “Apostasy” in Isaiah

The word “Apostasy” comes from the Greek word “Apostasia”. Basically, it’s a verb meaning to “stand away from”. It’s use in ancient Greek, at a secular level, was in relation to politics. For example, when one … Read More →