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Since the early 1900’s the Jehovah’s Witness Organization has taken pride in being completely separate from the world and its beliefs, governments, and customs, as they heavily teach their followers to do as well. Dedicated and sworn to their God “Jehovah” and his infallible Holy Scriptures, they have been driven by imperfect men who have passed down the chalice to other imperfect men, projecting their teachings with half-witted definitions, causing the flow of millions of lives to change. 

How did this group get molded into the organization of 8 million people today? Was it by the divine direction of the holy spirit as claimed? It takes quite a bit of power to sway millions of minds, but this may just change the way you think this organization was built.

In this article, we will shine new light on some of the wild statements and decisions by the Jehovah’s Witness organization in their publications. These have been buried and are not commonly known to Jehovah’s Witnesses or the world in general. Advocates who have picked some of their favorite off-the-wall findings from Watchtower are featured in this article.

Did you know?

Throughout the years the Organization has changed its name for its publications, but ‘The Watch Tower/ Watchtower’ has been the official doctrine magazine.

The Watchtower 

July 1879 – Dec. 15, 1908 – ‘Zion’s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence’

Jan. 1, 1909 – Dec. 15, 1938 – ‘The Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence’ 

Jan. 1, 1938 – Feb. 15, 1939 – ‘The Watchtower and Herald of Christ’s Kingdom’ 

March 1, 1939 – to date – ‘The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom’

The Awake!

Oct. 1st, 1919 – Sept. 22, 1937 – ‘The Golden Age’ 

Oct. 6th, 1946 – ‘Consolation’ 

Aug. 22nd, 1946 to date – ‘Awake!’ 

-These references were provided by ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses A Comprehensive and Selectively Annotated Bibliography’ by Jerry Bergman, 1999

On July 17, 1917, Rutherford claimed that since the Society’s charter required the election of directors, only the three officers who had been elected in January were “legal” board members. Before 1930 Jehovah’s Witnesses were the International Bible Students Association, the name inspired by Adventist teachings and also by a man named William Miller. The group was founded by the preacher Charles Taze Russell in 1872. From 1919 to 1932 Rutherford then systematically changed all aspects of the sect of Russell’s teachings: [its] norms and values, ideology, patterns of evangelization and worship, internal structure, and group commitments. Even before Russell’s death, several prominent Watchtower leaders disagreed with some of Russell’s teachings and led some members to separate from the Watchtower. Russell not only borrowed beliefs from Adventists but a few other movements, consolidating them into an authoritative high-control group with its terms and definitions:

Churches = Kingdom Halls       Church leaders = Elders        Colporteurs = Missionaries       Lay preacher = Publishers

…to name a few

This group became the second successful group to emerge from the original Millerite movement.

In 1877 Russell wrote his 1st book  “Object and Manner of the Lord’s Return

In 1907 Rutherford wrote his 1st book “God’s Plan of Salvation from a Lawyer’s point of view” Sounds very Holy Spirit driven.

"Object and Manner of the Lord's Return- Russell 1877 "Gods Plan of Salvation from a lawyers point of view" -Rutherford 1907

These findings were from Larchwood, a well known advocate that exposes Watchtower teachings by means of the Organizations very own literature.

Merry Christmas Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Jehovah’s Witnesses use to celebrate Christmas until 1927 yet also named it “Heathen” in their articles in 1921. Below is a photo of the Witnesses celebrating Christmas at Bethel. They even had Bethel decorated in tinsel, reefs, lights, and bells! How merry.

Christmas dinner- Brooklyn Bethel 1926
Bulletin, November 1927
One of the advertised gift Ideas in the Bulletin, 'Creation' 1927

Within the same year- 1927, They suggested Christmas gifts in the bulletin, then published the article to the left that after closer scrutiny of the subject, they realized Christmas dishonors god.

So this Christmas Carol came to an abrupt stop. In 1928 a talk by Richard Barber (Richard Barber was nominated Director of the Watchtower Bible Tract Society on January 6th, 1928 at a Pittsburgh Convention by an annual election of Society Officers and Board of Directors)  was scripted and written in “Christmas its Origin and Purpose” article about how Christmas was in the line of Satan’s Wicked Schemes. Christmas is Pagan, so no more Christmas for Witnesses now! Who knows though, with more and more new scriptural understanding the Governing body is finding, maybe Christmas will, again, be celebrated by the organization. Hopefully, they still have their decorations deep in storage. They have millions to get new decor anyways.

In fact they used to advertise their literature for Christmas Gifts! Nowadays It would be ironic gift wrapping paper!

Snogging with Hitler

Consolation 12/12/38

On a December 14th, 1938 The Consolation

They depicted Hitler’s visit to Italy by snogging Mussolini (Mussolini was a revolutionary socialist before founding the National Fascist Party in 1919. He used propaganda and media control to create an anti-democratic, fascist state in Italy.)

Catholic breastfed by Satan

-Golden Age 04/07/1937

It’s not surprising news that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are the only true religion. Since the advent of social media and databases of their articles scanned in, the organization has now held back on its past theatrics and derogatory views on Catholicism. They claim to love their neighbors, yet believe all other religions & their members will deserve to suffer and die at Armageddon. Makes sense, in their cryptic point of view.

I think this photo speaks for itself, as Satan is depicted breastfeeding the pope.

‘Music Slush’ and All That Jazz

Watchtower 12/22/1964



“Henry Ford hated Jazz because of antisemitism, as did Rutherford! The article  explains the introduction of square dancing as a way of counteracting Jazz.”

This article hypes up Square Dancing. It can apparently help out with relationships too!

A December 12th, 2017 Article by Robyn PennaccinaAmerica’s Wholesome Square Dancing Tradition is a Tool of White Supremacy” brings out how square dancing became the official state-mandated dance of the United States. Henry Ford (A man idolized by Hitler, along with Rutherford) hated jazz, Jewish people, and the Charleston dance. He felt like jazz was part of a nefarious plot to take over the world, indicating this since African Americans invented it. Henry Ford would hire slaves, but then be worried that they would be corrupted by the evil forces of Jazz on them.

So then Ford believed if Jazz was the cause of America’s moral decay, he could repair it by replacing it with fiddles and square dances. He went as far as campaigning square dancing all over the colleges around the country. In 1965, a year after Rutherford’s article on Square dancing, there were now modern clubs, and committees for square dancing all around the country. By the 1980’s a bill was passed praising square dancing because of the Americans displaying “etiquette values.”

These findings are from a collector and advocate Camren, NC

Ungodly Children will die at Armageddon

“I found this part particularly interesting. The purpose of this paragraph is to warn parents to “properly” raise their kids. The end of this paragraph (right photo) clearly states that Jehovah is not going to spare children just because they’re young.”

Do you think the Governing Body members still feel the same about children today? Well, they are still referred to as, “little enemies of God” in their eyes.

"This means everlasting life" Pg. 249 1950
"This means everlasting life" Pg. 249 1950

No can do for the short hairdo!

“Woman is in subjection to the man because of her long hair. Short-haired women are probably fine (I think? No? I guess not then)

“This means everlasting life” Women's Privileges- 1950

In the bible, Samson and Absalom were the only men mentioned as having long hair. Samson’s long hair is a well-known aspect of his story, as it is the source of his strength. A Rapunzel of his time!

Absalom, the son of King David, was also known for his long, thick hair. Other than that, based on no scriptural reference- the Jehovah’s Witness Organization strongly advises men to have short hair- Though recently beards are now allowed- The Governing Body announced this because there has been ‘no scriptural evidence’ that those sporting beards shouldn’t have been ridiculed in the 1st place.

It’s all our fault, because it’s not our business, and boy, are women trouble!

The misogynistic ways in the organization are pretty well known, at least to former witnesses who have looked back on their past and how they were treated. Moreso every other blue moon in the past decade, the Governing Body mentions how they should love and respect women- yet they are still not equal to men. This is the reason why women are so objectified and guilt-ridden, feeling selfish if they think of themselves too much. There are specific rules for women compared to men in the organization. If I were to write about women’s rights and the equality that they do have within the organization compared to men, it would likely be no more than a paragraph.

“This means everlasting life” Women's Privileges Pg 157, Par 5

Death or forever tortured?

“They used to teach that after Satan and the demons are let out for the final time to deceive man (after the 1000-year reign), they would not be destroyed, but rather sent back to the “lake of fire and Sulphur” where they would be tortured for all eternity. I wasn’t sure initially from the paragraph, but the question at the bottom confirms it. I was simply taught that they would be killed. No, just tortured forever. Very sadistic.

“-The next paragraph says that If you’re rebellious during the thousand years, you would also be plunged into that lake of fire.”

 These findings are by Watchtower History Channel,  where Jeff and Paul have been releasing videos on the breakdown of how the Jehovah’s Witness Organization started. The pictures below are drawings from Watchtowers’ The Golden Age magazines in the past.

If Christ Came back-

 In this “Where’s Waldo” like drawing there are so many little dirty hidden gems showing how the organization viewed the world in the 1930’s. Do you see the Woman of Liberty being beaten? Or the ‘Economic’ Professor denying a child food?


William C. Ostranger, famous artist appraised in the Golden Age regarding the American Association for Medico-Physical Research (AMA) -Golden Age 03/1932

(left drawing) What’s with the pots?

Back in the day, Watchtower believed that aluminum in the cookware was poison, and it was the AMA and Chemists that were poisoning people. The dead Goat is depicted as the Public, dead because of using the ports. They are certainly not shy to show who they think is to blame for these “poisoned pots”.

“The Journalist of AMA is the vilest sheet that passes through the United States- Its editor is the type of Jew that crucified Jesus Christ” –Sales propaganda keeps millions Ill, the Golden Age

Including the antisemitic statement the Golden Age (JW organization) made about the AMA’s editor, (right) Depicts a Goat with a banner of Purity, while a hill of dead babies laid by its feet because of the aluminum and other “wacky health.” This was a flat-out conspiracy of Watchtower

various calender and publication covers from 1930’s-1960’s

“Can you imagine having something like this hanging in your house!?”

These depictions have many hidden messages in them.  Watchtower History Channel has done thorough research into the Watchtower art, publications, and statements in other newsletters and has been for the past 3 years. They dive into a variety of topics that have not been widely shared with the Jehovah’s Witness organization- and new findings about this Organizations upbringing.

These findings were provided by an advocate who goes by Watchtower Art Department 


Meet the new killer

May 8th, 1948 Awake!





“The article attributes faith healing, hypnotism, Christian Science, and other supernatural practices to the DEVIL.

It has numerous quote-worthy lines such as “There is no end of quackery practiced in the field of so-called “psychology” and “the much-advertised yoga practices of the Hindus, a known form of demonism.”

February 8th, 1953 Awake!

“A pseudo-intellectual article making the case that blood transfusions are harmful and even deadly.”

This is a sensitive subject, and it shows the Organization’s stance.. Unfortunately, it has not changed since.  They must know that they can never go back on the “no blood transfusions” doctrine, saying that it is okay because of the number of lawsuits that would happen from all of the deaths.

There is no official published statistic on the number of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have died from refusing blood transfusions. However, some estimate that about 1,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses die each year of this doctrine. brings out how inaccurate this doctrine is with the bible:

  1. The Rabbinic principle of Pikuach Nefesh (appealed to by Jesus at Mat 12:11) dictates that the Law be superseded if it would result in loss of life
  1. The Bible refers to eating blood from animals killed for food, not blood transfusions that do not result in the death of the donor.
  1. Paul showed that the prohibitions in Acts 15 were only binding when it would result in stumbling (See 1 Corinthians 8)

This Finding was provided by an advocate who goes by New In The Truth

Do I look Familiar?

This is Pascale Petit, a model for Today magazine, featured on the cover of July 23rd, 1960. Does her face ring any bells?

'Today' Magazine July 23rd, 1960

How about now?

The Watchtower’s Art department in the 1980’s had used Pascale’s photo for the “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth” book ‘New in the Truth’ decided to track down Pascale’s agency and ask them about Watchtower using Pascale’s picture, explaining:

“The June 1960 “Today” and the August 1961 “Stern” magazines both featured the same photograph of you on their respective covers. The same photograph was used in 1982 and 1989 by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society on page 93 of a book called, “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth.” In its initial release, 5,000,000 copies of “You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth” were printed. By 1989, 72,600,000 copies were printed.  From 1982 until the early 90s, there was a set price for the book, until switching to asking for donations for all publications.

I believe that the picture was used without consent because the Watchtower organization has done so multiple times previously, and in some cases, they have been held accountable. We want to know for sure, so that we may report accurately and not make any false accusations.

Our question is: Did Watchtower use this photograph with permission?”

On February 27th, 2024 her agency replied: 

“Hello, no Pascale did not permit Jehovah’s Witnesses to use her photo in this book.”

With religion, it’s not entirely uncommon to come across instances where religious teachings include statements that deviate from the original biblical text, formulating a doctrine into a new governed decision. Religion is a complex and multifaceted aspect for many. Yet, the difference between historical perspectives and personal biases that form ‘opinions’, leading a group with doctrines that are life and death situations is something that should not be taken lightly. Especially if you advertise that you are the one true religion, God’s Channel, driven by the Holy Spirit- That is already instigating higher influence which means higher stakes at risk. I can’t imagine the Devine Holy Spirit telling the Watchtowers editor to draw a catholic being breastfed by Satan, or on a more serious note- to cover up abuse. Watchtower articles especially in the past have hints of racism, prejudiced views, and antisemitism, led by strong misogynistic decisions. Yes, these are imperfect men, but these are not simple misinterpretations that can be changed at their imperfect will with no question at hand. These statements influence beyond the boundaries of suggestion to “My Child will not live unless they need a Blood transfusion?” or “Does this mean I will no longer speak to a loved one now that they are disfellowshipped?”

Questions like these have cost many lives.

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