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The publications on this page are not available to or accessible by most baptized members of Jehovah's Witnesses. These are for elders' eyes only. And even then, most elders have never seen the contents of Branch Organization.

Branch Organization (bo)

Secret publication for Branch Committee elders

Shepherd the Flock of God (sfl)

Confidential publication for congregation elders 2023

Versions of the 'Shepherd' book issued in 2022

Versions of the 'Shepherd' book issued in 2021

Versions of the 'Shepherd' book issued in 2020

Versions of the 'Shepherd' book issued in 2019

Addendum to Shepherd the Flock of God (sfla)

Shepherd the Flock of God (ks10)

Obsolete elders' textbook (2010 - 2018)

Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock (ks91)

Obsolete elders' textbook (1977 - 2010)

Dwelling Together in Unity (dw)

Publication for all Bethelites

Fully Accomplish Your Ministry (pt14)

Publication for Pioneers

Shining as Illuminators in the World (pt)

Obsolete Publications for Pioneers

Other Publications

Assembly Hall Circuit Cleaning Guidelines

Attendant Training Program

Audio and Video Publications Workflow

Berean Bible Teacher's Manual

Child Sexual Abuse -
Guidelines for Branch Office Service Desks (S-66)

Circuit Organization Guidelines (S-330)

Circuit Overseer Guidelines (tg)

Computer Department Guidelines (cdg)

Continue to Put Your Heart Into the Work (cph)

Convention Attendant Instructions (CO-23)

Convention Organization Guidelines (CO-1)

Correspondence Guidelines (cg)

Counsel to Watch Tower Missionaries

Instructions for Circuit Accounting (S-331)

Kingdom Hall Guidelines

Literature and Magazine Request Guidelines (S-56)

Media Relations Manual

Pioneer Service School - Guidelines for Instructors

School for Congregation Elders Manual

School for Kingdom Evangelizers Office Guidelines

Sound Reinforcement for Christian Conventions (CO-snd)

Standards Manual

Video Production Guidelines

Watchtower Purchasing Card Program for Regional Building Committee (RBC)