Philip Brumley: Legal Prophet?

Philip Brumley Legal Prophet

In March 2017, Philip Brumley, Legal Counsel for Watch Tower, gave an update on the situation in Russia for Jehovah’s Witnesses to legal staff at the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In that fifteen (15) minute update, he made some interesting comments, which we have provided below for you to view or download.

The Parable of the Ant and the Train

In his update on the situation in Russia, Philip Brumley introduces his talk with an illustration of two trains. One train is Russia and the other is Jehovah’s Witnesses, where the former train considers the latter an ant. His talk is a revealing admission from a lawyer that Jehovah’s Witnesses feed off persecution. Here is what he says:

During the last several years, the authorities in Russia and the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been on a collision course: two trains on the same track heading towards each other. And in the minds of the Russian authorities, the Witnesses are like an ant. It is not even going to slow down that train in the least bit.

Little do the Russian authorities know that it is not an ant on the track. It is the mountain of the house of Jehovah. And what happens when a train hits a mountain? We know who wins.

When Satan attacks us openly, what’s the net result? Jesus foretold that it would result in a witness brought before governors and kings and so on. And that is what’s happening. In these lands where we have this kind of opposition, we grow. Russia has been growing every year except last year where it had a 1% decline. Basically because of some brothers leaving as refugees, getting out of Russia.

There is no question that if the opposition continues, it is only going to spur growth. It is only going to spur commentary on what’s taking place. And, without going too far, or saying too much, so I’ll put it this way, one could speculate as to whether what we are seeing is of Biblical proportions. So there are battles that we fight. Battles that come and go. There are some of our battles that were prophesied. And it will be interesting to see in retrospect, years down the road, as we look back on what is happening right now, whether this was something of Biblical proportions that is taking place in Russia.

Philip Brumley: The Parable of the Ant and the Train

Linguistic Studies

Philip Brumley reveals that the Russians performed linguistic studies on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ materials to determine if the readers were being psychologically manipulated. Interestingly, he refers to the publication, My Book of Bible Stories, as an example from a list of 88 publications that are considered extremist by the Russian authorities. Here is what he said:

[The Russian Authorities] are trying a new tactic. The first step of that tactic is to refer our literature to so-called ‘linguistic studies’. This is something unknown in this country [U.S.A.].

But the concept is that a lay person could read a book and because he is so simple-minded, he doesn’t realize that he is being mentally manipulated down a certain road. And then by the time he gets to the end of the book, well his mind now has been contaminated with some ‘extremist ideology’.

So, our publications, as ludicrous as it sounds as My Book of Bible Stories, were referred to these linguistic specialist [sic] and they returned a decision that eighty-eight (88) publications that we use are extremist.

Philip Brumley: My Book of Bible Stories submitted for linguistic study in Russia

Jason Wynne, a Jehovah’s Witness whistleblower and founder of asked dedicated, baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses on Twitter to post some of their ‘favorite’ images from My Book of Bible Stories. We asked him why. He said:

My Book of Bible Stories has some of the most violent scenes ever presented in a book that is geared towards young children. Children are typically ‘simple-minded’, as Brumley puts it. These type of images are designed to affect a young child’s mind. If you ask most Jehovah’s Witnesses whether they think the images in this publication are violent and inappropriate for children, they would think not. That response in itself is evidence of a group of people who have been manipulated to think violent images in a bible-based publication is ‘wholesome reading material’.

Images from My Book of Bible Stories provided by Jehovah’s Witnesses and former Jehovah’s Witnesses on Twitter:

The Letter Writing Campaign

Philip Brumley explains the impact of the ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia. This includes the potential shut-down of their local religious organizations and even the branch. Here also, he reveals that the Governing Body have directed that the legal department ‘pull out all stops’ to talk with authorities in the United States and other lands to assist in preventing the Russian authorities from banning their activities and seizing their asses. He concluded by telling those in attendance that all Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world will be asked to write a letter to the Russian authorities:

The administrative center received a notice of liquidation and this has now been referred to the Supreme Court of Russia. We just learned earlier today that the Supreme Court of Russia will hear the matter on April 5, 2017, just in a few weeks. It is a virtually foregone conclusion what will happen in the Supreme Court. Because, with a veneer or legality, the literature is extremist, the local organizations are using it, you’re helping the local organizations therefore you’re guilty – that is the branch – and the government is justified in shutting down the branch.

If this were to take place, we have over four hundred (400) L.R.O.’s – Local Religious Organizations – that would also be liquidated. So we are facing the real possibility that our kingdom halls across Russia could be shut-down or worse, confiscated. Or attempts made to confiscate it. And the branch, similarly, shut-down and the brothers not allowed to use the facilities.

So, in response to this, the Governing Body has organized a vigorous response both legally, in contacting government officials, and in the media. Brothers in Europe will be filing emergency application for a hearing before the European Court of Human Rights and before the CCPR of the United Nations. And here domestically as well, the Governing Body has instructed us to pull out all the stops, talking with authorities in this country and in other lands to advise the authorities of what is going on.

And, I might mention that this is confidential, but a letter writing campaign is being organized for the first time in decades where every one of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be asked to write a letter to the Russian authorities. Literally, the authorities will be receiving millions of letters from our brothers around the world.

Philip Brumley: Russian letter writing campaign

On April 20, 2017, the Supreme Court of Russia declared Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist organization and seized their kingdom halls and branches, worth an estimated $65 million. It’s worth noting that Philip Brumley talked about the branch property and kingdom halls. He made no mention of congregations who would be adversely affected by the ban.

Three years later, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are still banned in Russia. A number of elders have been been imprisoned and it is alleged that some have been tortured while in custody. The Jehovah’s Witness leaders have called on governments, courts and the media to highlight their plight but it has not had any meaningful effect on their situation.

The train that is Russia is still hurtling along on that track but the Mountain of the house of Jehovah has not yet appeared.


2 thoughts on “Philip Brumley: Legal Prophet?

  1. Some religions are noted for their use of guilt and fear. Roman Catholics come immediately to mind in their use of hell-fire doctrine and use it as a tool to keep congregants in-line. I know that JWs are very scornful of this Catholic practice, yet we see here an example of the exact same practice. The JWs condemn others for doing what they themselves are doing. Why is this? Because as the Russian authorities realize, the JW congregants are being manipulated by their ‘linguistic studies’ that depicts a bad end for all that don’t remain in ‘the faith’. Amazing how easy it is to lead by mis-leading isn’t it?

    1. Hello, I’m Linda James
      This is the playlist to the series I did on the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses still being involved with the UN. By way of OSCE. I show PDF’s confirming them still being an Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and some of those whom were put in prison including Dennis Christensen.
      If you don’t care to take the time to watch the the whole series, (which I hope that you do) please just watch #4. We as Jehovah’s Witnesses have been taught to have nothing to do with politics, but in that video you will see Philip Brumley (a lawyer and someone who is part of the higher echelons of the organization and also a Jehovah’s Witness), is sitting there rubbing elbows with people in politics. Requesting their assistance to support them in their human right to religious freedom under Article 18 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) regarding Russia. This briefing took place in 2017 after their property was liquidated. Article 18 also gives one the right to change their religion or have none at all. So the consequences of one leaving the organization, what happens is, by way of the instructions of the leadership of this organization is absolutely horrendous. Parental and family alienation is promoted by the leadership under the guise of it being Jehovah’s loving provision, and they simply call it a form of discipline in order to get them to return back to the protection of Jehovah within his theocratic organization, rather than going out into the world that is run by Satan the devil.
      I truly believe the reason why the organization wants their members to be terrified of the United Nations through “Fear Indoctrination” (which I bring out in #3) is so that they won’t become familiar with the UDHR. The ordinary Jehovah’s Witness has no clue that they even have any rights. I left the organization over 35 year’s ago and just discovered the UDHR 5 year’s ago. I’m 56 year’s old. Since I had left, I have been in three abusive relationships. If I had not been conditioned since birth to receive and accept abusive behavior, and quite frankly, I didn’t know what abusive behavior was, or how to distinguish the difference between abusive and acceptable behavior, I would have had no clue that the behavior I was receiving was even abusive. The oppression runs deep in this organization.
      JW{.}ORG is Still Part of The UN

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