Peaceful protest SHUN NO MORE 2024

Let's break the silence and end the cycle of harm- September 13th, 2024 at the White house, Washington D.C.

In a devastating reality for millions of former Jehovah’s Witnesses, the practice of shunning has torn apart families and destroyed lives. Once entrenched in the Jehovah’s Witness faith, leaving is not an option without facing shunning – a process where family and friends are coerced into treating the departed as though they are dead.

The deafening silence that follows, where even a simple gesture or presence ensues, serves as a constant reminder of the love and connections abruptly severed. Tragically, not everyone survives this emotional turmoil.

The Be Free movement is on a mission to bring awareness to this issue, with a threefold approach: Raising Awareness, Providing Support, and Demanding Accountability. By breaking the silence surrounding high-control groups, individuals still trapped within may find a way out, and those who have left can begin rebuilding their lives with the support of a more understanding society. Here is their site where you can see more information: Shunnomore2024

The movement aims to ensure that those suffering from shunning know they are not alone, offering a vital lifeline to those feeling isolated and hopeless. Furthermore, it calls for accountability from lawmakers to enact and enforce laws protecting individuals from the harmful practices of high-control religions. 

This is the second year of the Be Free Movement hosting a Peaceful Protest in front of the white house. If you’d like to read a script of the  speeches held at last year’s protest, along with a linked recording of it, it is here: BeFree 2023 article

Be free 2023 Peaceful Protest in front of the white house

Join the Be Free movement by spreading awareness through social media using the hashtags #BeFreeProtest and #ShunNoMore2024. Additionally, mark your calendars for September 13th, 2024, to join the movement at the White House to help demand change. Together, we can shine a light on the abuses of the Jehovah’s Witness organization and empower those who have suffered.

*While we aim to amplify our message of shunning and inspiring meaningful change, the protest strives for the peace and safety of the ones attending, and those who may be watching on social media/news outlets. Any kind of violence undermines the very principles we seek to uphold and cripples the purpose of expressing the harm of such abuse and ex-communication done to former witnesses. AvoidJW refuses to align with individuals who resort to violence to support their cause in advocacy.

Custom Signs are welcomed to the protest, and there is a survey on the Be Free Movement’s site the hosts would like you to fill out (Personal information is optional) if you choose to do so. We hope to see you there!