God’s Chosen: Jehovah’s Witnesses

God's Chosen - Jehovah's Witnesses

NRK is the Norwegian government-owned radio and television broadcasting company. It is also the largest media organization in Norway. On Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020, NRK aired a 54 minute documentary about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The documentary explores how young people are required to give intimate details about their sex lives to older men in the organization. It describes the internal court – the judicial committee meeting – as merciless. It claims that if you make mistakes within this religious group, you are set to lose everything.

The documentary was published in Norwegian with Norwegian subtitles. Below is the same documentary but with English subtitles.

NRK’s God’s Chosen – Jehovah’s Witnesses (54 mins)

4 thoughts on “God’s Chosen: Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. Is there anyway to reach Gry to let her know that she is cared about by the XJW community, and how to reach us? Her last statement struck me hard as well. We all need someone to talk to sometimes, but she needs our support before her January court appeal.

  2. Great documentary on the lives of former members, and feel sad for Gry that she has nobody to talk to. I hope that she wins her case, yet she won’t be treated in the same manner as before. Like many who have their families held hostage, she may not get back in for a long time even though what happened was clearly not her fault!

  3. One of the Watch Towers mantras …… “keep the congregation clean “.

    Its a pits they do not apply that principal to the WT Policies that effectively protect Child abusers.

    The WT organisation is one of the most dangerous religious organisations in the entire world.

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