Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Australia

Jehovah's Witnesses donations Australia

Did You Know ... ?

Watchtower Australia received almost AU$29M in 2020 alone. None of that money was used to feed, clothe or house the poor. In fact, nearly AU$17M was donated to other Jehovah's Witnesses entities outside of Australia.


  • Terence John O’Brien (Secretary)
  • Daryn Bentley Gee (Director)
  • Tom Pecipajkovski (Director)
  • Alan John Wood (former Secretary, resigned 2020)
  • Harold Vivian Mouritz (former Director, resigned 2019)
  • Winston Reginald Payne (former Director, resigned 2019)
  • Gregory John Frank (former Secretary, resigned 2019)



  • Peter J Mitchell FIPA