Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

In 2019, for the first time ever, Jehovah's Witnesses released a study series dealing with child sexual abuse.

The Watchtower, (Study Edition) May 2019*

“In places where such laws exist, elders endeavor to comply with secular laws about reporting allegations of abuse. […] When they learn that someone in the congregation is accused of child abuse, elders endeavor to comply with any secular laws about reporting the matter, and then they conduct a Scriptural investigation.”


Question for Readers

Why had The Watchtower writer(s) used “endeavor to” instead of “always” when it comes to reporting child abuse?

A Real Concern

“Our inquiry into the institutional response of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation to child sexual abuse revealed a disturbingly high number of incidents of child sexual abuse. The Jehovah’s Witness organisation files contained allegations, reports or complaints relating to at least 1,800 alleged victims of child sexual abuse and over 1,000 alleged perpetrators. […] We found that at least until 1998, individuals making complaints of child sexual abuse were required to state their allegations in the presence of the person against whom the allegations were made. […] Allegations were investigated by elders, all of whom were men and had no relevant training” (Emphasis ours)

Source: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Final Report: Religious institutions, Volume 16: Book 3, section 15.5, page 107.

“As foretold in the Bible, the last days have been marked by individuals with wicked attitudes that go from bad to worse. (2 Tim. 3:2-4, 13) This is seen in a rise in the number of cases of child sexual abuse reported in our branch territory. In the last service year we recorded 160 cases of molestation, and the number of calls received regarding child sexual abuse, some of which involving brothers taking the lead in the congregations,
has increased significantly.” (Emphasis ours)

Source: Letter from Brazil Branch to the Governing Body Service Committee at World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“We are writing further to recent telephone calls regarding Brother [Name withheld], who has recently confessed to very serious wrongdoing. As stated on the phone, it is necessary for certain restrictions to be applied and certain steps taken, in the interests of child safeguarding. […] Brother [Name withheld] should also be reminded, kindly but frankly, of the need to avoid any potentially compromising situations in his interaction with children, other than his own. […] Brother [Name withheld] should not be included in a field service group that includes minor children, other than his own.” (Emphasis ours)

Source: Letter from the London Branch to a congregation in Ireland.

Have the Jehovah’s Witnesses had serious problems with child sexual abuse?

The Australian Royal Commission who investigated all institutions that work with children, including religious organizations such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, found that since 1950 to 2015, there were no less than 1800 victims of abuse perpetrated by more than 1000 persons. And to add insult to injury, up until at least 1998, the victims had to face their abusers as part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses judicial process. Unsurprisingly, for those familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses, none of the elders dealing with child sexual abuse and any relevant training.

In a communication from the Brazilian Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses to the World Headquarters reveals that there were 160 cases of child sexual abuse in 2014 alone and some of the perpetrators involved elders. Despite the shocking number of cases, the group’s leaders didn’t provide direction immediately.

In 2016, a letter from the British Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses to a congregation in Ireland, reveals that an individual they refer to as “Brother” was involved in serious wrongdoing that involved children.  Despite this, they had no issue with him interacting with his own children. AvoidJW has since discovered that the secular authorities took the children into care.


In view of the foregoing, it is evident that the Jehovah’s Witnesses have a serious problem with child sexual abuse. The abuse is happening, not in isolated cases, but all around the world. To compound the problem, only congregation elders have authority to deal with the abuse, despite the fact that in many cases the perpetrators are elders.

Reporting Child Abuse

“We found that in deciding the sanctions to impose and/or the precautions to take in relation to a known or suspected perpetrator of child sexual abuse, the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation had inadequate regard to the risk that the person might reoffend. Alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse who were removed from their congregations as a result of allegations of child sexual abuse were frequently reinstated. We found no evidence of the Jehovah’s Witness organisation reporting allegations of child sexual abuse to police or other civil authorities.” (Emphasis ours)

Source: Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Final Report: Religious institutions, Book 3, section 15.5, page 107.

“As the secular authorities are investigating this matter, if approached, please arrange for two elders to telephone the Legal Department at the branch for legal advice before discussing the matter with the authorities. Naturally, we respect the right of the authorities to handle the matter as they see fit, and we want to ensure that anything done in the congregation does not interfere with that in any way. (Rom. 13:1) May we also remind you that it is most important for elders to follow the organization’s policies on maintaining confidentiality and the clear direction provided on the handling of legal matters. Elders have a clear Scriptural obligation to maintain confidentiality.(Emphasis ours)

Source: Letter from the London Branch to a congregation in Ireland.

“As you are aware, the circular letter to bodies of elders dated September 1, 2017, (Re: Protecting Minors From Abuse), paragraph 5, states that “in some jurisdictions, individuals who learn of an allegation of child abuse may be obligated by law to report the allegation to the secular authorities.” In the past, our Legal Department studied this matter to verify if this would be the case in Brazil. If so, elders who became aware of a child abuse case in the congregation, besides needing to care for the matter theocratically, may also have been under obligation to report the matter to the authorities. However, that was not our conclusion at the time, as explained below.

“There is nothing in Brazilian legislation that obligates citizens to report crimes, even in cases of child abuse. There are incentives to do so, but these do not constitute a legal requirement. Thus, when someone becomes aware of a crime, he is not punished if he does not report it to the authorities, as long as he does not assist or contribute in some direct way to the illegal conduct, of course.


“However, on April 5, 2017, a new law was signed in Brazil (Federal Law 13,431/2017) that deals with protection of children and adolescents. This law will become effective in April of 2018, and we are sending a translated copy for your consideration. […] With this article, we now would have in Brazil the legal obligation to always report cases of child abuse to the authorities. According to the legislation, knowledge of the fact is all that is needed to make one responsible to report such cases. Once again, the law did not stipulate a punishment for those who fail to comply. However, failure to comply could be the basis for a suit for damages in the civil sphere or could constitute a relevant omission, since now the duty to act is explicitly stated in law.” 

The World Headquarters Legal Department responded with the following questions:

(1) Are there are any exceptions in the new law or your other laws to the reporting requirement in the new law? For example, some child abuse reporting laws provide exceptions for ministers of religion and lawyers. (2) Does Brazil presently have a professional secrecy privilege or law that requires or allows ministers of religion, including our elders, to not disclose a confession or confidential communications? If so, does the new child abuse reporting law specifically abrogate such professional secrecy privilege or law? (3) What does “has knowledge of” mean under the new law? Does an elder’s receipt of any allegation or accusation of child abuse trigger an obligation to report the matter to the police or secular authorities? ” (Emphasis ours)

Source: Letter from Brazil Branch to the Legal Department at World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses (with response from Legal Department, and Governing Body Coordinators Committee copied).

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses elders always comply with secular laws about reporting child sexual abuse?

The Australian Royal Commission found no evidence that Jehovah’s Witnesses report allegations of child sexual abuse to the secular authorities. Of the more than 1800 cases of abuse, spanning 65 years, not one was reported to the police or other civil authorities.

The August 2016 letter from the British Branch to the Irish congregation also revealed that the secular authorities were investigating the abuse committed by one of their members. There is no direction in the letter for the elders to work with the authorities to help them in their investigation. Rather, they state that it is most important for elders to maintain confidentiality, even claiming that they have a scriptural obligation to do so. Additional to this, they request that elders review the August 1, 2016 letter regarding child abuse and the November 6, 2014 letter regarding procedures when legal issues are involved. While the 2016 letter does not discuss how to deal with the investigating authorities, the 2014 letter states,  “When someone seeks confidential information: You should never reveal confidential information to anyone unless theocratic procedure requires it or the branch office has instructed you to do so (Persons seeking confidential information may include an investigator, a solicitor, a policeman, a detective, other law enforcement officers or government officials, school personnel, parties to a lawsuit, family members [whether they are Jehovah’s Witnesses or not], and even other elders or other persons who may not be entitled to the information.) This applies to written materials and unwritten knowledge possessed by the elders.”

In 2018, the Brazilian Branch of Jehovah’s Witnesses sent another communication to the World Headquarters in the United States. This time it was directed to the Legal Department. In it they revealed that under the child abuse legislation at the time, that even if there may have been an obligation to report abuse to the authorities, one was not punished if they failed to do so. However, a new law came into effect in April 2018. The law requires that all have a duty to zealously guard the dignity of children and adolescents, protecting them from any inhumane, violent, terrifying, vexatious or coercive treatment. Article 13, paragraph 2 states that a party who fails to act to prevent a harmful outcome to a child could be held criminally liable. In cases where the victim is still a minor and nothing is done to remove the victim from the situation or risk, Brazil recommended to the WHQ that the matter should be reported to the authorities. The WHQ legal department didn’t agree immediately. Instead, they asked Brazil to look for loopholes in the law, such as professional secrecy privilege so as to exclude elders from reporting.”

In May 2019 edition of The Watchtower, Jehovah’s Witnesses said “elders endeavor to comply with any secular laws about reporting” child abuse. It is evident that they intentionally refrained from stating that they always comply because they do not always comply. The legal department will exhaust all other means at their disposal to ensure elders do not have to report abuse. In some cases, they will even break the law and not report when they have a legal duty to do so.  

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7 Responses

  1. Regardless of the “two witness rule”, they did not carry out any punishment for my abusers. I’ve since developed PTSD, and I only have this religion to blame for doing nothing when I was hurting.

  2. I am a child sexual abuse survivor, from 1991-1998 by 4 persons, 3 of whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses to this date. My Dad was an elder when he got to know of the abuse in the 90s with my Mom swept it under the carpet. In 2004 when I had a mental breakdown( was diagnosed with Major Depression, GAD, PTSD, Insomnia, Suicidal, and more) my Dad was still an Elder, told me we don’t report to the police rather I should report to the Presiding Overseer which I did. Each time I had a judicial case with the elders I would mention my history of abuse but it was always ignored I stopped bringing it up.
    Now that I am taking legal action my family members who are witnesses are refusing to give a witness. I hope I will get the desired justice in my country.

  3. I was molested for my entire childhood, my dad is a current elder and baptized my molester, whom followed me until he died, my dad stands his ground and backs jehovah no matter the cost

  4. I myself was sexually abused by my father as a child before I became a Witness at age 25. I am now almost 52 and absolutely stunned to learn about these crimes happening in ‘Jehovah’s organization’! I honestly believed that such things didn’t happen here! But, as I am so sadly learning, ‘the fish rots from the head down’. I’m going to remain a Witness for a while longer, there are things I need to do first, but yes, I am PIMO.

  5. I believe as crazy as it may sound that churches in the past have had alot of control over what goes on inside their organizations. So as not to lose members or contributions. Most of them are for profit. And its truly an emberessment to the organization that exists today when people do disgusting things like abuse children when it’s suppose to be a holy place.
    Now when you talk about an organization like the Cathoilc church, they have done things like burn people alive and take sides in organizing wars. I believe many people hide their wrongdoing iwith these organizations. But maybe it’s best to say that the Witnesses have tried removing criminals from the congragation and then letting the family deal with it. They truly believe in letting Jehovah handle in the near future. Which, if i was anyone that was a child molesters, I’d rather go to jail.and deal with the public than to have Jehiovah come around to discipline them. Now that’s not to sat that these criminals should get away with it. No way possible. But I don’t think they had any idea that this was going to come up like a total wave, along with the Catholic church and other religions and hit them like a brick wall. For the most part Catholics took known cases, never issued out any form of punishment and ignored them. That’s what happens when most of the priests and nuns are already taught to stay celibate which is inhuman and abuse in itself. The witneses tried their best in bringing the individual in and disassocating/disfellowshipping them for what they did. There was no hidden agenda. And over the last 20 years more cases have come out because there is so much money the media profits from.
    I agree with fact that more should have been done in reporting these cases to the law. But there was never any laws set up to begin with. And they at least tried.

    And if you think about it, the devil is in charge of the world right now. Just look at what’s happening around us. And he would like nothing more than to make a holy place something ugly and cruel. I’s just what he has done. I
    f you look at what the odds are for these kinds of cases you will find that only a tiny fraction of these cases exist wiithin the organization compared to say the Cathoipc church. Rules need to be in place for it to be a safe haven, especially for children.
    The Witneses have been around only for a hundred years or so. Nothing like the 5,000 years that the Catholic church has hurt people. So the odds aren’t even comparable.

    That’s just my two cents about it. I have been in and out of the truth all my life and have been documenting some of the things I have seen and known. And it all stays private. The media is far too dangerous.
    I love Jehovah. He is my God. And he takes offense to anyone that hurts children. They will pay the ultimate price. Their families that have mainly keptt it hidden will also pay the price.
    There were also no known laws that said they couldn’t report it. And i have known families that have gone to the courts and issued out punishment. So it’s unfair to post only cases that fall on the negative side. Please post the ones that are rectified if you are going to post any.

    I’m curious, how do you fund this website and pay the costs to run it? With how expensive things are these days? It’s set up very professional.

    Thank you for your time today.
    I’ll look forward to a time, whatever and whenever that will be, when all of this will be gone and nobody will have to worry anymore.

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