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In 2012, José Lopez and Osbaldo Padron sued Jehovah’s organization over abuse they had suffered while members of the Linda Vista congregation at the hands of former elder Gonzalo Campos. Months earlier, Jehovah allowed his organization … Read More →

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A standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by organisations and corporations to help workers carry out complex routine operations. The aim of having such procedures is to achieve efficiency, … Read More →

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為了讓人得到平衡的資訊,自由決定參與宗教。 這份24頁的冊子,可以送給來自中國/懂得中文的遊客,朋友, 學生。讓這些不太認識基督教的朋友,可以明白耶和華見證人的信仰, 與一般基督教不同的地方。   为了让人得到平衡的资讯,自由选择宗教。这份24页的册子,可以送给 懂中文的游客,朋友,学生。让这些不太认识基督教的朋友,可以明白耶和华见证人的信仰,于一般基督教不同的地方。   T01 (Beware of JWs, Trad Chi) T01 (Beware of JWs, Simp Chi) Share to Public (about JWs)_Simp Chi  Share to Public (about JWs) Trad Chi

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Jehovah’s Witnesses make use of many documents. They have documents for use in their ministry. They have documents for congregational activities. Some of these documents are used by all congregation members. Other documents, though, are kept secret; … Read More →