Branch Organization

Branch Organization manual

This publication is designed to provide unified theocratic direction to Branch and Country committee members worldwide. This manual also serves as a helpful reference for Governing Body members, helpers to Governing Body committees, and headquarters representatives. Each brother who is provided with a copy of this manual should read it thoroughly from time to time so as to stay up-to-date with theocratic policies and procedures. Elders at Bethel should be foremost in recognizing theocratic instructions, studying them, and applying them diligently.

Branch Organization (2018)

Branch Organization (2018) PDF
Branch Organization
(PDF) August 2018
Branch Organization
(JWPub) January 2018
Branch Organization (2018) PDF January
Branch Organization
(PDF) January 2018

If needed, hard copies of S-77 forms can be scanned into HuB. A record of the matter can be entered into Tracking Persons. Any hard copy should be shredded.

Branch Organization

Branch Organization (1977 – 2016)

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