2023 Marked Annual Meeting

This is an article on the Annual Meeting of 2023 regarding the organizational changes in the upcoming years. It began on Saturday, October 7, at 9:45 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) As a live video stream at 8:00 a.m. ET to test before the program began. It was then available until 2 P.M. the same day. In attendance was: Canada 872 US special 11,973 Newburgh assembly hall 2658 JW stream 95,589 grand total 111,092 


Earlier this year it was leaked on the subreddit: EXJW about the new worldwide distribution brochure entitled ‘Love People- Make disciples’. It was sent in a box to congregations and forbade them not to open it until November 6th 2023. Well, it was opened. The brochure will be used for a newly revised part of the ‘Apply yourself’ section in the midweek meeting for 2024.  This year seems to be another repetitive and persuasive scare tactic- to manipulate the public opinion of what is to come. The new Love People- Make disciples book  will be in a way replacing the reasoning book. It is supposed to  help publishers improve their skills in the ministry,  and will also be used to help Bible students to make a start in the field ministry. The midweek meeting next year will be adjusted to incorporate usage of this brochure

This is the message sent to the elders of the congregations regarding the special box that should remain unopened.

The Governing Body is trying to keep hold on their followers by heavily encouraging them to push bible studies on their return visits, encouraging friends and family to attend more so that their numbers don’t falter. Throughout the year information that has been broadcasted by the higher authoritative figures in the organization by “JW broadcasting” and also leaked videos shared by PIMO’s- (Physically attending Jehovah’s Witness functions, yet mentally out and not wanting to further pursue religious customs) has changed, and their previous teachings perceived in different meanings. With deep embedded coercion their followers are already used to, it is easy to sway the minds of those especially baptized in the organization, devoting their lives to the holy spirit,- the governing body’s teachings.

The 5-minute mark before the meeting started off with Kenneth Cook asking for people to take their seats and to quiet down because “You are not going to want to miss what is going to be happening next!”

A few music videos opened the meeting, The 1st showing video footage of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have been imprisoned and visited by their loved ones, glorifying the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The next about the Watchtower Bible tract Societies different departments in Bethel in the early 1900’s, followed by a music prelude in Portuguese of paradise like scenes. Cook appears on the screen and announces before song 85  and prayer that “No recordings or streaming should be allowed and no heavy note taking should be shared.”

Cook says that  like the Annual Meeting of the New world Translation was a landmark,  “Now 10 years later exactly, we have arrived at another true landmark. We have Deeper Principles and understanding from that very same word of truth, and this understanding is now going to be passed on to you.” He riles up the crowd booming “Are you ready? Are you excited to read it?”

GB Jeffery Winder- “How does the light get brighter?” 

“A new light is being announced and explained. When Jehovah makes something known, often its at the annual meeting where it is announced.” ( conveniently)  “How does Jehovah reveal cleared understanding of new light in old times? When the Governing Body is meeting together as the Faithful and Discreet slave, how does the light get brighter, how does that work?”

He goes into 4 points 

  1. By what means does Jehovah reveal new light? 1 Cor 2:10 “revealed then through his spirit and reveals all things.” Then how? By his spirit. 
  2. To whom does Jehovah clarify understanding? Matt 24:45 Who really is the faithful and discreet slave- to give food at the proper time? It is through this channel Christ uses to provide spiritual food. So this is already clear how thorough the means of the holy spirit and faithful and discreet slave are.
  3. When does Jehovah reveal new light? 24:45, At the proper time.  there’s a clear timing. Jehovah will reveal at the right time when it is needed.
  4. At what Rate does he reveal new light? Is it all at once or is it metered out like a trickle? Prob 4:18 “ new morning light getting brighter and brighter. Saying that just as daylight grows brighter and brighter gradually as we need it and able to absorb and use it. “It’s easier on our eyes when literal light gets brighter gradually.” 

“Well we have the privilege to live in the last days but at a pace that we can absorb and what we can use, and we thank Jehovah for that. The light gets brighter by means of the Holy Spirit and by the faithful and discreet slave. 

So we are not embarrassed about adjustments that have been made if we don’t get it exactly right. It can air indoctrination matters though the brothers do the best they can. Jehovah may have to clarify matters.” When the brothers meet together how does it work? Jehovah does not intend for it to be a mystery or overly secretive. Acts 15:6 :7 “Much intense discussion.” So the brothers were sharing different thoughts they had about the issues. 

What is the process about new information? If a question comes up, maybe a Governing Body member notices something that may raise a question. We ask Does this require or warrant additional research?” If the answer is yes then a research team is prepared. So we gather up a summary of everything we have said since 1879, all of the previous watchtowers with what has been said and the context of the verse. What bearing on parallel accounts has an understanding with it? What impact does the original Hebrew or Greek have on the verse? Once it is compiled its placed back in the Governing Body’s hands to review. Every single Governing Body member reviews it and it is discussed under prayer relying on Jehovah’s Holy Spirit. So this  helps us understand the process.” Cook tries to reassure what he is saying that “Satan is attacking and it is increasing. Jehovah continues loyally providing us with the understanding what we need, we will not be left without guidance or to stumble in the dark.”

So they now have new light. It makes you wonder what was truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and what wasn’t in their eyes. Inspiration means Imagination, too.

GB David Splane “Trust in the Merciful Judge of the Earth”

“Have you ever asked will none of those who died in the flood get a resurrection? What about Sodom of Gomorrah? The women, children, babies? Was there not one redeemable one? We don’t have the answers to those questions- we do have one answer, the merciful Judge will do what is right.

In the past our publications have said that there will be no hope for Sodom and Gomorrah. They deserved to die for what they didn’t, but did they know any better?” Sodom and Gomorrah, Judah, the flood?  Does this mean there is no hope for any of them? We can’t just be dogmatic, but we can say that the merciful judge of all the earth will do what is right. How will the Judge view others bowing down to other gods? We can’t say. We can’t be dogmatic, it simple, we don’t know. What do we know about Jehovah’s is that we can trust him to do the right thing.”

“If they committed a sin after baptism, ones are worried that Jehovah will never forget, always be remembered. Ezekiel 33:14-16 Shows that many are afraid that Jehovah will never forgive them, and many want to come back to the truth. Splane brings up Manasseh, the mass murderer and how Jehovah wiped his slate clean. It shows Jehovah shows mercy. Nineveh, their conduct was so bad, but that they didn’t know their right from wrong.

What do we see from these examples? They were wicked, they did bad things, they repented, they started doing what was right and then Jehovah had given them a clean slate.” John 5:22 “ The father Judges no one at all, but he has entrusted all the judging to the son.” Jesus has been the authority to judge. The authority Jesus has been given is also the resurrection and the life. Jehovah knows everything of those that had died, but since Jesus is doing the resurrecting- he also knows about the dead and the living. “ We shouldn’t be dogmatic about who will and who won’t be resurrected, but we trust Jesus Christ and Jehovah that they will do what is right.” He then brings up the Tribulation and mentions how the crowd’s wheels must be turning. Before he goes into the Great Tribulation he checks his watch and leaves the stage for Geoffrey Jackson to conclude the talk.


Video Clip: The Great Tribulation

GB Geoffrey Jackson to continues the talk on the Future Judgements on the Great Tribulation

“ Over the last few years we’ve had a few changes regarding the great tribulation. “ Was that what we use to believe or is this what we believe now? A animated depiction of the Watchtowers previous demonstrations of Armageddon is shown. How to endure and prosper during the great tribulations-

4 very interesting questions

  1. “Once the Great Tribulation starts, Is there a door of opportunity for non-believers to actually  join us? What have we said in the past? No, there will not be another time.” He goes into how Jesus never mentioned a door of opportunity closing. “What about unbelieving relatives, disfellowshipped ones- could some of them once they see the destruction of Babylon the great decide that what Jehovah’s Witnesses are saying is correct? Could they take a stand of the truth, if they changed their hearts- would we be disappointed? We can’t be dogmatic. Its that last minute repentance. As we look in the time chart we see that this is a time period before the final judgment. We still will face the attack of Magog. Our Preaching work now is of utmost importance. The answer: We will have to wait and see, but there is a possibility some can make a stand for the truth.
  2. When does the preaching of the good news stop? The good news is only good news to us and those who accept it, to the rest of the world it has never been good news. What is the end? The good news will be more hard hitting as time goes on. 
  3. All those who die during the great tribulation, will they go into eternal death and not be resurrected? Well we can say their fake Gods wont be, everlasting cutting off. We simply don’t know.
  4. Will all those living during the great Tribulation, have a full opportunity to decide either for the Kingdom or against? We don’t know. We aren’t the Judges, its above our pay grade” -He coyly shrugs it off and dives into statistics about how many people die and are born each day. “-Is it reasonable for us to say that Jehovah and Jesus immediately label those of goats even though they have not had a full opportunity to respond? Is it possible those may be resurrected as righteous persons? An upcoming watchtower will give us all the details on this. What do we need to keep doing? We need to keep preaching the message to as many people as possible. Leave the judging to Jehovah and Jesus they will always do the right thing, the merciful now that we can be sure of that!”

Animated Video: You are precious to Jehovah

Zoe & Sophia in new clip Become Jehovah's friend

 Become Jehovah’s Friend – Sophia studies with Zoe and is made fun of hanging out with her before. Zoe nervously brings up Sophia’s beliefs and how they are unable to celebrate holidays. Zoe  day dreams of jumping back in time to when Jesus healed the leper and applied it to how Sophia’s and her friendship is different, but being different is okay, and we want to obey Jehovah and abide by his guidance. Zoe joins Caleb and Sophia away from a holiday party.

Ramapo Project 2023

GB Stephen Lett- Ramapo “Jehovah’s Chariot is on the move.”

“Who is the rider of this chariot? Jehovah lovingly controls the chariot, the rims of the wheels of the chariot have eyes all around as Jehovah sees and directs everything. What is the speed of the chariot? We can see how fast things are moving in the visible part of the organization. The earthly part is very closely and is actually a reflection of Jehovah’s heavily organization. There are 2 fast moving projects that is directed by Jehovah 

Ramapo project- all media in one facility. The work has not stopped, we have worked with other bethel departments and the Governing body and because of that the buildings themselves have changed. The art, audio, and video will all be in the same place so we can. We are very confident with Jehovah’s blessing with this new state of the art facility as we continue to produce beautiful art work and video. We have late breaking news- since then contractors have been very busy removing the trees and clearing the site the huge construction project is now looking ahead.” They showed a fly over video clip of the land where Ramapo is being built. “At the late summer of 2024, a few months from now we plan with Jehovah’s blessing to call in many more volunteers to move this project forwards speedily. “

Australian Branch sets A video about how the media and acting department in Australia is to bring Jesus’s life to the screen “It’s going to affect hearts” (and bank accounts )”- for Jehovah’s people.” A brother goes into how they’ve endured fires, food, a pandemic while doing these scenes. ( Maybe that’s a sign)

GB Stephen Lett- “The Good news according to Jesus” Episode one “The true light of the world”

Lett goes into the theocratic projects they have been working on. A trailer depicting different miracles around Jesus’s life is shown. “When we recount all of the work that is being done to depict the gospels of Jesus life and ministry, we are thrilled and amazed. All of this isn’t for one convention Ramapo, this sets us up for years to come in the future. In 2024 we are going to have them portrayed as 2 dramas at the regional and special conventions. We have prepared a preview of those convention dramas. We are actively speedily working on more episodes. The governing body is already reviewing episode one and part of 2 now.  I can personally say I have been motivated and brought to tears several times. We are so anxious to give you more of this, Some might ask, why are we embarking on 2 projects when the new world is so close? Well we don’t know when the end is to come, we may be working on an episode when the new world comes. How many carefully selected smooth stones did David need to fight Goliath? 5. How many did he need? 1. Could not these projects if needed be finished after the great tribulation? Think of the episodes, would they not be wonderful tools? If the end comes before these projects then we say ‘hallelujah!’ But we are going to be busy right up until the end. We give all thanks to Jehovah the great celestial chariot rider, and we give thanks to the heavily organization.  We can appreciate the direction we are reserving by means of Holy Spirit.”

Song: ‘the light gets brighter’

GB Kenneth Cook- “We now have another exciting symposium we ask to please keep confidential until the congregations are informed. Each speaker will introduce the next one on the program 

GB Gage Fleegle – “Love Jehovah, Praise Jehovah”

“One of the scribes comes to Jesus “What is the greatest commandment?” It entails Mark 12:29-30 “1st or the  more important commandment – You must love Jehovah with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength.  Billions claim to love god but love pleasures more, or they are willing to fight and kill other men. All of these things contradict their love of god. Love of god must be more than a feeling. This includes our emotions, desires and feelings. Our powers of reasons, our whole being all that we are, we must devote our love of Jehovah. It must govern our entire life. Clearly the lessons we have go far beyond material giving. Jehovah doesn’t compare us to others, or our previous selves. Is it reasonable for Jehovah to expect us to love him with our entire heart, soul, mind, strength? Yes absolutely. Jehovah  loves us with his whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Isaiah 40:11 regarding Jehovah’s depth of love for us. “Love of a Shepherd, he will care for his flock.” What are the reasons to trust in Jehovah?

1st reason is  Jehovah is a tender Shepherd. Ezekiel 34: 15,16 -about the lost sheep, the weak and injured he will strengthen. How do we feel in Jehovah’s care? We might say that Jehovah has love for all of us.

 2nd reason we have to love Jehovah is  Isiah 40:28,29 he gives full might. hen a human becomes physically tired. We are marvelously designed to charge when we rest. It recharges us and brings us to light. Whatever your chose, the energy and food is a gift from Jehovah. What happens when we become tired when dealing with life’s trials? Jehovah strengthens us. He gives power to the tired one, he loves us with all his strength. Doesn’t  that draw you to him?

 3rd reason is  Jehovah is our helper, he grasps our right hand with his right hand of righteousness, getting us out of distressing parts of life. When’s the last time Jehovah rescued you from a trial? Jehovah loves us with all of his soul, his whole being. Doesn’t that draw you closer to your heavenly father>

 4th reason Isaiah 42: 8,9 He is a god of Prophecy- he keeps his promises, he causes to become. Not one word of all his good promise through Moses his servant has failed. Who said it? Joshua and Solomon both expressed similar thoughts. More prophesies have been filled since then. We cant say not one word of Gods promises have failed. How does that make us love him more? Prophesy is the basis of hope. Do you long to welcome back loved ones? It’s as good as done. Jehovah makes the dead alive, His promises are absolutely certain of fulfillment. Jeremiah 29:11 shows that Jehovah loves us with all of his mind, he will make his thoughts to you a reality. How does that make you feel?

Hes our Shepherd, creator, helper,  a god of prophecy. Love for god must be our motivation. We prove we are Jehovah’s Witnesses by our conduct and zeal.”

3 part symposium 

GB Garrett Losch- “Love for Jehovah in Ancient times”

 “To tithe means to give a tenth of something. All of Israel to be completely devoted as one. The Levites were also commanded to tithe. Did you know there was something very interesting about the tithing arrangement? Nowhere did Jehovah say to monitor whether a person was giving their tenth. So even though it was required by law, tithing was completely up to the person. How would Jehovah feel who give less than a tithe? Would he bless those who are stingy? Would he bless those who give more than a tenth? How does Jehovah feel about the generosity of his people? 2 cor.  31: 9,10 Jehovah richly blesses ones who follow the tithing arrangement. So some years later Jehovah inspired Malachi to remind the people of tithing. Malachi 3:10, Jehovah was challenging those who would give him the tithe. Today we are no longer under the mosaic law, What have we learned? Jehovah created us to find joy in giving generously because we love Jehovah. He richly blesses obedience. Is there more we can learn from his dealings with ancient Israel? We can learn from the Nazarite arrangement Numbers 6:1,2. If someone is a generous person he will enjoy giving more than what was asked. What can we learn from the Nazarite arrangement? He appreciates and favors those who go beyond what is required. How can this be applied in modern times?” 

GB Samuel Herd -Love for Jehovah in Modern Times

“What corresponds to tithing today? As Losch mentioned it provided Jehovah’s  people for opportunities to demonstrate their love for Jehovah by giving our best. 

We don’t have a fixed amount of income to give to Jehovah. True Christian’s give Jehovah today just as they have resolved in their hearts. How can we give Jehovah our very best? There is one commandment that stands out as an identifying mark to us Christian’s today. Matt 28:19.20 Make disciples of people in all the nations.

The disciple making work is a requirement for all Christian’s. Jehovah’s organization  has always been invested in how the great world wide work has been progressing. The world wide report number has been increasing

  • A video on how the ministry has been taken more seriously since the  1920’s. There are few interviews of special pioneers and missionaries that have been doing the preaching work for decades. 

As brother Fleegle mentioned in the opening talk, Jehovah people are motivated to praise Jehovah because of our love for them. We engage in our ministry not to fill out a report each month, our ministry is a personal gift for him and our neighbors. Jehovah knows there are limits and disadvantages for us going out in the preaching work.  Some may  be embarrassed to report such little time during the pandemic. If we are giving Jehovah our best he wants us to rejoice in what we do. We should sacrifice Jehovah. The governing body believes this same principle can be applied that our ministry involves much more than counting time. 

For this reason, we are pleased to announce that congregation publishers will no longer be asked to report their time or placements in the ministry. The congregations will simply have a box for each publisher to report that they shared in the ministry work. There will also be  another box for pioneers to write how many bible studies they conducted. It will give us a report of active publishers in each land, and what territories have bible studies  and where there is a greater need. What about the Nazarite arrangement? We should all do well to imitate the self sacrifice and courage the Nazarite had. They had to meet certain requirements, the same is true to modern day pioneers. They have devoted a certain amount of hours. Auxiliary, Missionaries, circuit overseers, special pioneers, field overseers, will continue to report the number of hours and different bible studies they conduct. What does this adjustment mean for all of us? Will be still be conscientious? Within the tithing arrangement each individual was responsible to give their own tithe to Jehovah. We want personal goals to have a zealous share to Jehovah. The ministry should take priority in our lives. What will these adjustments mean for the elders and circuit overseers? It will be even more important that your brothers be discerning shepherds.

Example: Evaluating a congregation’s spiritual self, or qualifications to serve as an elder or MS, this will not depend on the publications count. You have to know the brothers. What is their attitude in the ministry? Are they zealous to pure worship? Do they take advantage to give a witness? We show our love for Jehovah by exerting ourselves in the ministry and in all other aspects. Jehovah loves you for that, and we love you for that. We have no doubt you will give Jehovah your best. Is there still more to learn about how we conduct our ministry, are there more adjustments?


GB Mark Sanderson – “Love people- Make disciples”

“This is truly a historic day for Jehovah’s witnesses. We have deepened our understanding of Jehovah’s compassion and patience.  Jehovah is dignifying us; he has confidence in us. Why do we do all of this preaching work? It’s because we truly love our amazing and wonderful god Jehovah. As Br. Fleegle emphasizes Matt. 22: 37 Jesus identified the great and 1st commandment, you must love Jehovah your god with your whole heart, whole soul, and with your whole mind. Is there something else though? The 2nd greatest commandment. You must love your neighbor as yourself. 

Why is love for people so important? When we see that someone cares about us, it moves us. When we sense that someone has love for us we open up our hearts. 

In the 2017 annual meeting the Governing Body encouraged us to converse with people more, and at the same meeting we simplified our teaching tool box so we can be more familiar with the various tools in the ministry. Our midweek meetings show sample conversations and suggest links to continue the conversation at later times. Is there a challenge sometimes with a memorized presentation?” Sanderson goes into how Jesus talked not repetitively but about what people were interested. “What do we learn? Jesus did not use a memorized presentation. He just talked with people. He shared with them the truths to touch their heart, he was very quick to talk about the interests and concerns 

 Love  people make disciples’ is a 32 page brochure available in both print and digital formats in over 400 languages. it features 12 lessons that focus on qualities we need to cultivate to make disciples based on the Bible accounts in which Jesus or another first century evangelize or displayed a specific quality in the ministry will help us see how we can imitate the qualities as We are learning in this new brochure to no longer focus on presenting a predetermined topic in scripture rather students will select topics for their assignments that they know are on the minds of those in their community by means of realistic demonstration audience, discussions and talks or meetings will assist us to develop skills that will help us start conversations naturally in the talk to each person concerns and needs by focusing on people we will become more comfortable and more affective as we make disciples as you consider each lesson think carefully about how you can demonstrate the highlighted qualities when conversing with people in your community. Ask yourself what are their concerns and needs as you go about your activities? observe and look for appropriate opportunities to help people in practical ways acts of kindness. It can open the door to share kingdom truth and show that you care by listening to others when they express themselves share a simple truth at the right time. Remember, our goal is presentation to love to everyone we meet this will require patience, perseverance, and commitment, no matter where we live. Simply showing love will help us to find joy in our ministry more than any specific technique. Actively expressing our love for others will help us make disciples.” 

 November 6 addition this entire four part symposium will be posted on jw.org on November 6, so that all of our brothers and sisters will hear the information in the symposium at the same time isn’t that great? November 6th From now.

Now we need to keep this new brochure needs to be kept confidential for one month what is your answer?” The crowd yells “yes” For their reward, every  person there at the annual meeting  will receive a copy of the brochure right after the program.

“Although congregation publishers will no longer report their time in the ministry, this in no way, diminishes our individual responsibility to make disciples, and finally in this part, we received a new tool that will help us to show our love for people, and to make disciples. It’s really amazing to witness as Jehovah’s people. The fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 60:17- do you remember the prophecy there it says, instead of the copper I will bring in gold, and instead of the iron I will bring in silver instead of the wood copper, and instead of the stones iron, and I will appoint peace as your overseers and righteousness as your task or signers well what’s the point of the prophecy is it outlines? The good materials would gradually be replaced by even better ones. That’s exactly what we have seen do you think back in the 1930s when our brothers became so zealous in the ministry, they went out with photographs and testimony cards but of course, at that time they didn’t speak either the record did the speaking or people read the card. 

So far there is a 9% increase this year with a new peak of 253,876 publishers and 12,954 baptized just in this last year. The work is not slowing down. Our ministry has never been more important than it is now, so within do these adjustments mean well they do mean that are motivation for caring ministry has been even more clarified. Do you see we share in the ministry because we love Jehovah and because we love people, so this is the time when we want to be busy in Jehovah‘s work,

The governing body sincerely hopes that many more welcome to join us, and serving Jehovah, before the end comes and remember Jehovah delights in rewarding his people for their faithfulness, and for their generosity, so with the great tribulation fast approaching, have no doubt that Jehovah will soon richly rewarding you, as we all give generously of our time, and our effort to love our amazing God Jehovah, and to make disciples

GB Kenneth Cook comes back to the stage 

” No doubt you picked up on adjustments being made by the faithful and discreet slave based on scriptural principles in Jehovah‘s, precious word, the Bible.

Additionally, more exciting information will be shared about this new publication and arrangements starting with the November JWB broadcast  Here are the attendance figures for the program today so we begin with Canada 872 US special 11,973 Newburgh assembly hall 2658 JW stream 95,589 grand total 111,092 is wonderful. We mentioned it with there was a landmark annual meeting 10 years ago and now with what we’ve learned today about Jehovah‘s mercy and his judgment, as well as our personal responsibility before him.  Keep trusting in Jehovah, with all your heart. Do not rely on your own understanding as we do this for heavenly father promises to make our paths straight, and he is certainly doing that and we love him so much for doing that to Jehovah gets the praise for everything that has come out in this annual meeting, and are we give much credit to his dear son our king of light to serve in this way under their guidance so as we conclude this program.”

End of Annual meeting

This year of 2023 has been a roller coaster of pure facts, contingent allegations, and overall deeply concerning news- for not only former Jehovah’s Witnesses and ones waking up from this organization, but also for the Governing Body members and Bethalites residing at the headquarters and other locations, in Patterson, Wallkill, Warwick, New York. 

This roller coaster causes panic amongst the organization, and when you have a large enough platform and push in a crowd, you can attempt to control panic. What you can absolutely control though- is fear. Fear is stemmed and strung on every aspect of our lives, including being programmed in our nervous system and it works like an instinct. With the right research venturing past the teachings of the Governing Body we can make the correct proper judgements and that is of our own thinking.

The term “We don’t want to be Dogmatic” was said quite a few times, by almost every single Governing Body member in this meeting. They don’t want to come off opinionated, but the direction  and path they pave for their followers is just that.

The facts mentioned concerning these people the most is regarding the accusations of Child Sex Abuse, and the problems this organization has with it. More  men that were accounted as elders (authoritative figures in their local congregation) have been arrested and charged with assault to different degrees than any other year for the organization.

This is the news that needs to be known, not about the new buildings and brochures the Governing Body has announced.

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