Lester Somrah

Lester Somrah writes about the beliefs and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses on his social media platforms and was baptized as a member in 1998. 

The 2023 Service Year Report

“Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to exert a powerful influence on individuals, showcasing that their fear tactics and the threat of shunning remain effective.” Written by Lester Somrah – January 14, 2024

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and Beards

The Governing Body never apologizesfor their theological dissatisfaction and religious disillusionment. Written by Lester Somrah – December 16, 2023 https://d34ji3l0qn3w2t.cloudfront.net/abb7641d-dd3a-4f1e-acbd-a7e80c263f81/1/702023024_E_cnt_1_r720P.mp4#t=540,682 Dec 15, 2023: Stephen Lett, Governing Body member of Jehovah’s

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