Keep Your Path Clean

Gary Breaux and Ralph Walls - Keep Your Path Clean

When Jehovah’s Witness get the privilege of serving at the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Bethel), they must sit through a video entitled ‘Keep Your Path Clean’. There is one video that is specifically created for men and a separate video for women. Ralph Walls of the Personnel Committee presents the video for the ladies, while Gary Breaux of the Service Committee presents the video for the gentlemen.

Walls starts out his presentation by saying that the intent of the video is to bring to their attention matters of great importance regarding their relationship with Jehovah and with others. Breaux on the otherhand starts out by commending the men for meeting the high requirements to serve at Bethel. He follows on to say that there is a particular requirement that Jehovah expects of each individual that worship Him that he wants to discuss with them.

The videos are bizarre. They start out innocent enough with Breaux stating he wants to talk about 2 main points: personal habits and dealings with others. He then warns the viewers that there is no need to be embarrassed. That sets the tone for the remainder of the video as he tells them that they need to understand these matters. These matters turn out to be of an extreme sexual nature which would lead one to believe that these are matters that Breaux and Walls have evidently had to deal with in the past. It calls into question the claim that ‘God’s organization’ is as clean as they would like to think.

Surely most, if not all of these new recruits into Bethel hadn’t ever thought of these matters until now. You’d wonder if there is a perverse desire by the religious leaders to plant a seed of depravity in innocent minds to ensure an interesting judicial committee meeting in the future.

Gary Breaux: Brothers, Keep Your Path Clean (37 mins)
Ralph Walls: Sisters, Keep Your Path Clean (20 mins)

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