Examining the Scriptures Daily

Examining the Scriptures Daily

Examining the Scriptures Daily is a publication that provides a scripture for each day of every year and comments on that text. Although the text and comments can be read at any time of the day, Jehovah’s Witnesses are encouraged to consider them in the morning so that they can reflect on the thoughts conveyed throughout the day.

You may notice references at the end of the text for each day as you read Examining the Scriptures Daily. This graphic shall help you interpret them:

Examining the scriptures daily explanation to references

This publication is one of the most important publications used by Jehovah’s Witnesses to indoctrinate their members and their members’ children. For example in the foreward to Examining the Scriptures Daily 2000, it says, “Whenever you discuss the text with your family, be sure to include the children in the conversation. If you draw the children out with tactful questions and then listen carefully to their answers you will learn a great deal about their spiritual progress. For example, if one of the children comments in a superficial way, revealing a lack of conviction, you may furnish proof, in effect, ‘persuading’ the child to believe.”

There are many interesting nuggets of information in this booklet relating to their views on child abuse, blood transfusions, children, courts, sexual matters and dealings with the secular authorities, among other things.

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