Memorial and Special Talk 2019

Memorial and special talk 2019 jehovah's witnesses

On the night before he died, Jesus told his followers to commemorate his death. He said:

“Keep doing this in remembrance of me.”—Luke 22:19.

This year, the annual observance of the death of Jesus Christ will be held on Friday, April 19.


Download videos of the special talk for personal use. We have versions from the UK and USA.

Special Talk: UK VersionUS Version

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that only a small select number of their members go to heaven. These ones they refer to as anointed. But how does one know if they are anointed? Read this article.

The remainder hope to live in a paradise earth where they will enjoy a world where lions and tigers are tamed by God to be pets that frolic in the meadow with children.

Jehovah’s Witnesses expect this paradise to come very soon. In 2020, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many members including Governing Body member Stephen Lett, are of the opinion that they “are living in the final part of the final part of the last days, shortly before the last day of the last days”. In other words, the world’s end is imminent. To support this claim, expectant members often quote bible verses in Luke chapter 21 and Matthew chapter 24 to support this belief.

We at AvoidJW expect that many members will be utterly disappointed when the world gets over this crisis and moves onto the next. However, it shall not faze most Jehovah’s Witnesses who will put their expectations to the back of their mind while they find something else to focus on in their continued life of servitude to their global publishing empire, commonly known as Watch Tower and Watchtower.

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