Memorial & Special Talk 2018

Memorial & Special Talk 2018

On the night before he died, Jesus told his followers to commemorate his death. He said:

“Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” – Luke 22:19

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ annual commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ will be held on:

Saturday, March 31, 2018.

In connection with this event, a special Bible talk will be given in thousands of locations around the world. The topic will be:

“Who Really Is Jesus Christ?”

For those who cannot attend special talk, here are the talks in PDF and Video Format:

PDF (English): Who really is Jesus Christ?

PDF (Dutch): Wie Is Jezus Christus?

Video (UK English by Stephen Papps): Who really is Jesus Christ?

Video (US English): Who really is Jesus Christ?

Video (Spanish by Andrés Mayor): ¿Quién es Jesucristo en realidad?

Video (Dutch): Wie Is Jezus Christus?

Video (Welsh by Geraint Watkin)

Video (BSL by Nicholas Markin): Who really is Jesus Christ?


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