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Are you confused by the number of JW apps in the mobile app store? Maybe a brother or sister has shown you an app and said it works great. Some seem to be designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses but are not provided by the Faithful and Discreet Slave. What dangers are there with unauthorized apps from mobile devices? Watch this short video to learn more.

Choose Your Apps Wisely (2.5 mins)

This video is not currently featured on but it has been shown to congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world in April 2020. Note how they present all ‘unauthorized’ apps and websites as containing ads, while they present the ‘authorized’ apps and website as not so. While it may be true that there are no commercial advertisements on or on JW Library, there are many ‘unauthorized’ apps and websites that are not generating revenue from commercial advertisements. is one such website. It does not seek to generate revenue by any means, nor does it contain information that is only 10% correct. In fact, we work hard to ensure we present only factually correct data. As a whistleblowing website, we gain absolutely nothing by presenting factually incorrect data to our readers.


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  1. website contains 100% correct information about Jehovah’s Witnesses to the public whilest website contains 10% of information about Jehovah’s Witnesses to the public

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