Over 5000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Dead

500 Jehovah's Witnesses Dead

In an announcement dated November 2020, instructing members to maintain precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jehovah’s Witnesses revealed that over 130,000 adherents were infected with the virus and that at least 5000 have died.

As Jehovah’s Witnesses, it is very saddening to hear that so many have been adversely affected by this illness. Deeply concerning is the fact that our numbers are far higher than the general population. If this is true, it would call into question the claim that our God Jehovah protects his people as a group. It is evident that our protection from Jehovah is no better than anyone else. This is borne out by the following statistics.

As of November 5, 2020 there are more than 48.5 million persons that have or were infected with Coronavirus. Of those there were more than 1.2 million deaths. How do these compare with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

According to the 2019 Service Year Report, there was a peak of 8.6 million Jehovah’s Witnesses. With that number we find that 1.5% of all Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide have contracted Covid-19. How does that compare with the general population?

As of November 5, 2020, there are some 7.8 Billion people on the planet. Using that figure, we find that 0.6% of the world’s population have contracted Covid-19. This means, respectively, that Jehovah’s Witnesses have 2.5 times more cases than the general population.

Let’s look at the deaths as a percentage. With more than 5000 deaths, we discover that more than 3.8% of the number of Covid-19 cases within Jehovah’s Witnesses resulted in death. Comparatively, there were 1.2 million deaths worldwide. This number as a percentage of COVID-19 cases worldwide is 2.5%. Comparatively, it means that Jehovah’s Witnesses have 1.5 times as many deaths as the general population.

Why have we more cases of COVVID-19 than the general population? And why are more of us dying than the general population? To answer these questions precisely, we would need to see who died, where they were from, their backgrounds, and any other conditions that may have an affect on the well-being of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Therefore, without such information, we can only suggest some possible reasons.

According to PEW Research, Jehovah’s Witnesses as a group tend to be less educated than other groups. 63% have no more than a high school diploma. For Jehovah’s Witnesses, this is not seen as a concern. Many focus on having a career in preaching, a career that gives them no monetary reward whatsoever. Instead, they take on menial jobs, such as house cleaning or window cleaning, to finance their preaching activity. It is not surprising then that PEW Research claims that 48% of Jehovah’s Witnesses make less than $30k per year. Therefore, choosing a career that keeps about half of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the lower income bracket, we have a cohort of people that are unlikely to be able to afford proper health care. This is true except maybe in countries that have a quality social system in place to care for the lower income families. Therefore, when pandemics such as COVID-19 come along, poor education and lifestyle choices could be a contributing factor to their increased figures.

PEW Research claims that about 52% of Jehovah’s Witnesses are above the age of 50. Age is considered a contributing factor to COVID-19 related deaths. According to NATURE, those over the age of 80 are at highest risk with those over 50 at an intermediate risk. There are other risk factors such as gender, ethnicity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer. However, with a high number of older persons within the Jehovah’s Witness community, this could be a contributing factor to their increased figures.

In any case, 5000 deaths within a small religious group such as Jehovah’s Witnesses is very concerning. While the branches are providing specific direction to special full-time servants, it is of benefit for families to consider the four questions in the November 2020 announcement (revised to remove misogynistic terminology):

  1. Does the nature of the secular employment of anyone in the household increase their risk of exposure to the virus?
  2. Are any members of the household elderly, or do they have underlying health conditions?
  3. How rapidly is the virus spreading in the community?
  4. What are the government directives for the area?

Considering these questions and putting measures in place to reduce the possible risk of exposure may help to reduce the numbers infected with COVID-19 and significantly reduce the number of dead Jehovah’s Witnesses.

19 thoughts on “Over 5000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Dead

  1. What an Amazing Critical Analysis of the Public Health Epidemiology within the very Small International Community of the Jehovah’s Witnesses As compared to Global Health Statistics – using the Social Determinants of Health and Disease Lens and Theoretical Framework.

    Well done Jason Wynne, et al (2020)?✔️

  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses are right and they are the only true Christians on earth. Jesus said “If they Slander me, how much more will they Slander you in the end” All of your lies and Slander are a fulfillment of that prophecy.

    1. Unfortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses are being ridiculed in the name of Watchtower Bible and Tracts Society – that is, the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization (what you often presumptuously call Jehovah’s Organization) and NOT because of the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST.

      In fact, you have virtually use “‘Jehovah’ and His Organization” to replace the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST in ALL your theology. And have brought reproach upon the Divine Name of GOD (YHWH, JHVH = YaHWeH, YeHoWaH, JeHoVaH)

      JESUS CHRIST (NOT ANY Religious Organization) is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. The Name JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY Name in Heaven, on Earth and Underneath the Earth, that has been Given by YHWH GOD Our Heavenly For EVERYONE who calls upon Him to be SAVED! There is NO SALVATION in ANY Religious Organizations including Watchtower Society/Jehovah’s Witness Organization! (Acts 4: 10- 12; Philippians 2: 9 – 11; Matthew 28: 17, 18)

      Come to JESUS CHRIST Today ALL who Religious Organizations are over-burden by Letter Writing Campaign, etc, to Promote their Un-Inspired Publications and Be SAVED in His Rest! (Matthew 11: 28 – 30)

      Kiss, and Honour and Serve the Son of Man, JESUS CHRIST as you Honour GOD Our Heavenly Father. (John 5: 22, 23; Psalm 2: 12; Daniel 7: 13, 14; Isaiah 9: 6, 7)

  3. IMO we should also take into account that there is a higher percentage of JWs who belong to countries where the pandemic wasn’t dealt with as effectively as other countries where they haven’t flourished.

  4. I guess no one at Beth hell did the math to see how it would stand up to the global stats??? Another embarrassment for Jehovah’s Witnesses. What a false organization they are proving to be.

    1. Phoenix…being that you indicated they have a ‘FALSE’ message…then who or what do you believe has the ‘TRUTH’…so I and my wife can prepare now for LIFE after DEATH…because my wife and myself are both near 80 years old…and have been members of the WTS for over 60 years…Ralph E Davis

      1. Then what are you doing on the site? You should realise that you are not being loyal to the organisation and the Faithful and Discreet Slave who have labelled sites such as this as spiritual pornography. As an XJW I have no problem being here.

      2. Ralph, the Scriptures are true – keep to them. Remember the Scribes and Pharisees had the true religion but adulterated it with numerous rules. WT has gone one worse by making these rules but keeping them secret. Jesus exposed the Pharisees etc and taught truth.

      3. Ralph, I’m sorry that you and your wife appear to be disillusioned at this stage of your lives. Nevertheless, folks wake up when their souls call them to wake up. That’s what happened to me. I can’t answer your question. Look inside your SELF for answers. We were all given the ability to wish, dream, imagine, and desire. Besides that, we could USE our intuition, common sense, our inherent conscience (not a bible trained one as because that’s mind-kontrol of Watchtower), reasoning ability, free will, and discernment which will help you direct your own lives the way YOU see fit. I imagine that would be challenging, after giving so much of your power and abilities over to WatchTower for all these years. I’m sorry. My heart goes out to you. I wish you well as you ponder your circumstances.

      4. Ralph,
        I was a pioneer for 13 years and an elder for 7. I was fully in. One of the many things that shocked me and what was the final straw for me was the amount of lawsuits due to sexual abuse of children in the organization. Many suits WT has tried to settle with gag orders. They are bleeding money. Why is it that me and my fellow elders were unaware that these lawsuits have been going on for YEARS? Thats why in JW broadcasting there was a plea to give more contributions. I looked up some cases and read the court transcripts for myself….you can too…its public record. But of course NOTHING is mentioned on jw.org press page. Lots of stories about being banned in Russia, and others. As an elder I was involved in two sexual abuse accusations. The “direction” from the GB is to call the LEGAL dept IMMEDIATELY if we have been told from a publisher that they were sexually abused. Why is that? Well, being one of two elders who did call the legal dept, they asked a lot of questions verifying what state the congregation is in etc. Why? Because they check to see if your particular state has mandatory reporting laws to authorities. The particular state I lived in did not. The call to the legal department ended with the brother stating that we do not have to report this case to authorities, because it is not mandatory. Also in our KS book (elders secret manual) and other branch letters to the elder body talk about not encouraging the victim to contact the police. Being an elder and speaking with other elders from other congregations handling sexual abuse accusations I realized that the policies the GB have in place do not protect the victim…they protect the pedophile. It’s disturbing that an organization that claims to be supported by God does not truly protect children. For example: The two witness rule. I’m sure you’re familiar with it (2 Cor 13:1) What’s disgusting is that that situation in the scriptures had to do with ADULTS who had serious gripes against another ADULT. YET THE GB USE THAT SCRIPTURE IN SEXUAL ABUSE CASES WITH CHILDREN. As an adult, am I going to have a serious issue with my brother who’s 5 years old or 10 years old, where I would have to approach and talk to them with 2 or 3 witnesses? An example of this is a child who had been sexually abused from 8 to 10 years old by an elder. The victim is now 20 years old and talks to the elders about the past abuse. Because the victim doesn’t have two witnesses the elders do NOTHING about it. In fact there have been court cases where that exact thing has happened and since the elders don’t discipline the pedophile because of not having two witnesses, that pedophile elder can continue abusing kids. And since when do kids get sexually abused and there are two witnesses? Ridiculous.
        That did it for me.
        Other things that I found in WT publications:
        Jan 8, 1947 awake condemned other religions for excommunicating their members (disfellowshipping them) stating that it was unscriptural and of pagan origins. Just a few years later they decide to establish disciplining via disfellowshipping. Some will say, well we got “new light.” Is that how Jehovah led the israelites? Is that how Jesus led his disciples? With falsehoods only to correct them later? God does not say from heaven hmmm I think I’ll let them believe that this disfellowshiping is wrong but in a few years my spirit will help them realize that the old light was a falsehood, and help them come to the correct understanding of that scripture. Hardly.

        Other things that truly bothered me: WT publications stated that the end was going to come in 1914. When that didn’t happen, they changed it to 1914 being the beginning of the time of the end. This false prediction has happened more than once.

        The story of Sodom and Gomorrah: the GB have flip-flopped on this issue several times. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be resurrected. Then a future publication says they’re not, then they are, then they’re not. Is Jehovah up there in heaven confused? Because the GP state that they have God’s spirit and that he leads them to write the words in the watchtower the “spiritual food” to provide worldwide, which they say is from God.

        At one time earlier publication stated that if you took a blood transfusion you may take on the characteristics of the person who’s blood it belongs to. If that person was a thief, now you would have a tendency to want to steal. Silly isn’t it? Yet that along with teaching that if you got an organ transplant that equates to cannibalism… Show that God’s spirit is not directing this organization. The publications simply reflected the common knowledge and understanding for that time.

        I can go on, but enough said. I encourage you to do your research. Look up court cases and read the transcripts. Do some research on what JW’s have taught in the past, and how they’ve changed their teaching…ie. The Live Forever book stated that this generation would by no means pass away. I remember back in the ’90s when I would teach my Bible students that this system couldn’t go on but just a few more years. And just when that generation was about to die out, they changed the teaching and label it as new light. Again does Jehovah lead his people with falsehoods? You know in James it says that God cannot lie. So either he does not, or he’s leading the organization with lies.

        I hope you do your homework. All of these false predictions, wrong teachings, flip-flops, I have found in the society’s publications.

        Best of luck

        1. Same here!.. l was a born-in, baptized in 1983.. family of elders.. a C/O, pioneers.. What got me thinking was when we lost our brother to Pancreatic Cancer in April 2019.. The treatment was so non-Chrstlike. Because he was not a JW!
          from there I went down The rabbit hole and it brought tears to my eyes.

      5. Ralph, no one is owed a path to salvation or an alternative to the WTS anymore than a fireman rescuing you owes you another house.

        Get out your “burning house” now, while you have your twilight years. There may not be another house to go to but then, that’s not the point, is it?

        1. Ralph and Grant, that’s a great illustration, except for one thing. When one door closes, another door opens. Your soul knows how to lead you to your next “residence”, whatever that may be. We don’t always know in the moment of crisis, and it’s okay.Trust your soul, Ralph. It won’t let you down. You’re in charge of your own life. That’s what sovereignty is all about.

      6. Simon Peter Replied:
        “Lord, To WHOM shall we go? You have the Words of Everlasting Life”
        Not WHERE. (John 6: 67, 68)

        COME and Belong To JESUS CHRIST Today ALL those who Religious Organizations have over-burden by Perfunctory Tasks such as Zooming IN, Letter Writing Campaign to Promote their Un-Inspired Publications, etc, and Be SAVED in His Rest! (Matthew 11: 28 – 30)

        Kiss, and Honour and Serve the Son of Man, JESUS CHRIST as you Honour GOD Our Heavenly Father. (John 5: 22, 23; Psalm 2: 12; Daniel 7: 13, 14; Isaiah 9: 6, 7)

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