Shining as Illuminators in the World

Shining as Illuminators

Shining as Illuminators in the World (2004)

Why is the Reasoning book helpful in preparing for return visits? What notations should you make about the person himself, his family, his interests? Why would it be good to write down all the information you will need for making a return visit? What information will you need? What can be written down besides what you have already accomplished on the call?

Shining as Illuminators in the World (2004), p. 90

Shining as Illuminators in the World (1977)

A man in central Sweden became an atheist due to the hypocrisy of religionists, unscriptural fears put in him in childhood, as well as not getting his legitimate religious questions answered by the clergy of the State Church. A youthful Witness at his door one day said that he was calling to stimulate faith in God. The man invited the Witness in to straighten him out. The atheist was respectfully listened to as he expounded on how Christianity must have failed, as is evident from all the corruption, wars and violence. He further asserted that scientific research and logical reasoning could not verify God’s existence. The young Witness said that he could well understand the atheist’s opinion and that it was shared by many. This raised curiosity. The Witness went on to show that one had to distinguish between so-called Christianity and true Christianity. He agreed with the atheist that professed Christians were guilty of all that he had mentioned, but not so with true Christians. The Bible foretold and condemns imitation Christians. He elaborated on Christendom’s failures. On his next visit he discussed the scientific aspects. He showed that there is ”science that discovers, observes and describes facts about nature.” The Bible agrees with such. Then there is science “that interprets and tries to explain the origin of things by means of hypotheses and theories.” A Christian could not take a hypothesis for granted, he reasoned. He got the atheist to agree that the universe is here either because of an Intelligent Originator or by chance. Using a scientific publication, he showed that scientists say that for one protein molecule to come into existence by chance was so improbable that it would take billions of billions of years to happen. It takes hundreds of millions of identical protein molecules linked together to make one living cell! The atheist was quite impressed. After a few months of study he and his wife were attending meetings. (Awake!, Apr. 8, 1971, pp. 3-7)]

Shining as Illuminators in the World (1977), p. 231

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