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Documents and Forms of Jehovah's Witnesses

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Jehovah's Witnesses have hundreds of forms and documents that are used for various purposes. Some are well known such as those for counting time & publication placement to the lesser known, such as those used at the branch for dealing with child sexual abuse.


View or download TO-Forms that are used in connection to the financial matters of Jehovah's Witnesses. These forms cover insurance, kingdom hall ownership, property loss, and more. These documents are for elders' use only.
MnemonicYearTitleCountryFile Type
TO-52021Risk Incident ReportGlobalPDF
TO-52017Incident ReportGlobalPDF
TO-52014Incident ReportGlobalPDF
TO-52013Accident ReportUSAPDF
TO-52009Accident ReportUSAPDF
TO-5i2021Risk Incident Report InstructionsGlobalPDF
TO-5i2021Risk Incident Report InstructionsGlobalJWPUB
TO-5i2018Incident Report InstructionsGlobalPDF
TO-5i2017Incident Report InstructionsGlobalPDF
TO-5i2014Incident Report InstructionsGlobalPDF
TO-5n2017Notice of Policy on Use of Personal InformationGlobalPDF
TO-172016Request for Certificate of InsuranceGlobalPDF
TO-192016Renting of Facilities for Theocratic EventsGlobalPDF
TO-342009Safety Inspection Work SheetGlobalPDF
TO-362005Information Regarding Ownership of Kingdom HallsGlobalPDF
TO-502009Property Description FormUSAPDF
TO-552009Property Loss ReportUSAPDF
TO-562009Kingdom Hall Under Construction FormUSAPDF
TO-572014Key Facts About the Global Assistance ArrangementGlobalPDF
TO-60-Instruction to your Bank or Building Society to pay by Direct DebitBritainPDF
TO-602009Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit/Credit TransactionsUSAPDF
TO-602008Authorization Agreement for ACH Debit/Credit TransactionsUSAPDF
TO-622021Record of Funds TransferGlobalPDF
TO-622019Record of Funds TransferGlobalPDF
TO-622019Record of Electronic Funds TransferBritainPDF
TO-622010Record of Electronic Funds TransferGlobalPDF
TO-62a2019Record of Electronic Funds Transfer (Sample)BritainPDF
TO-642016Branch Construction ProjectIrelandPDF
TO-672019Sample Donation AcknowledgmentGlobalPDF