20 Years in the World

I recently found the sub-Reddit EXJW and noticed that most people are dealing with a relatively recent change. I haven’t yet seen someone give a perspective from a couple of decades out, so I put … Read More →

PIMO Physically in, Mentally out

It's never too late to break free

Its never too late to break free

The following life experience was originally posted by a retired Jehovah’s Witness elder on the exJW sub-reddit. It is reproduced here with permission. My parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1958, when I was just one … Read More →

Olive Wolschke - Young Father Leaves Jehovah's Witnesses

Natalia Koretskaya

Natalia Koretskaya

Natalia Koretskaya was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for many years. She was called as a legal witness by the Russian Ministry of Justice during the court hearings held in Moscow earlier this year to ban … Read More →



Nansa nhyiamu a wato din “Di Yehowa Nokware Daa” bi kɔɔ so wɔ Ghana August 12 – 14, 2016. Yehowa Dansefoɔ bi deɛ ɛnyɛ ‘honhom fam aduane’ no nti na na wɔwɔ hɔ. Ɔkɔɔ hɔ … Read More →

Literature Litter - Martin John Gaugh

Literature Litter

I was born in 1977.  I am a fifth generation Jehovah’s Witness on my mother’s side. I’m a third generation on my father’s side.  This doesn’t include overlapping generations! My great grandma’s uncle was of the “Anointed”. … Read More →