Public Talks of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Public Talks of Jehovah's Witnesses

Public Talks

Jehovah’s Witnesses have quite a selection of public talk outlines that elders and ministerial servants can choose from. These public talk outlines are used for giving a sermon at their weekend meetings, held in local kingdom halls around the world. Historically, public talks were of 45 minute lengths. In recent times, the public talks have been reduced to 30 minutes.

En1How Well Do You Know God?2015
En1How Well Do You Know God?1991
En2Will You Be A Survivor of the Last Days?2015
En2Will You Be A Survivor of the Last Days?2007
En2Will You Be A Survivor of the Last Days?1973
En3Move Ahead With Jehovah's Unified Organization2015
En3Serving With Jehovah's Unified Organization2007
En3Jehovah Makes Loving Preparations For Earth's Inhabitants1966
En4Evidence of God in the World Around Us2015
En4Evidence of God in the World Around Us1991
En4What the Bible Has to Say on God, Christ, the Devil1966
En5Real Help For the Family2015
En5Family Life That Warms the Heart2005
En6The Flood of Noah's Day and You2015
En6The Flood of Noah's Day Has Meaning For Us1991
En7Imitate "The Father of Tender Mercies"2015
En7Mercy, A Dominant Quality of True Christians1991
En8Living to Do God's Will, Not Our Own2015
En8Living Not For Self, But to Do God's Will2007
En9Be A Hearer and a Doer of God's Word2016
En9Never Become Dull In Your Hearing2008
En10Be Honest in All You Say and Do2016
En10Conducting Ourselves Honestly at All Times1991
En11"No Part of the World" - In Imitation of Christ2016
En11"No Part of the World" - In Imitation of Christ1998
En11"No Part of the World" - In Imitation of Christ1973
En12Your View of Authority Matters to God2016
En12Respect for Authority is a Safeguard for You1991
En13A Godly View of Sex and Marriage2016
En13A Godly View of Sex and Marriage1991
En14A Clean People Honors Jehovah2018
En14A Clean People Honors Jehovah2016
En14A Clean People Honors Jehovah2007
En15"Work What Is Good Toward All"2016
En15As Christians We Care About Other People1991
En16Keep Growing In Your Relationship With God2016
En16Keep Growing In Your Relationship With God1991
En17Glorifying God With All We Have2018
En17Glorifying God With All We Have1991
En18Make Jehovah Your Stronghold2018
En18Are You Really Making Jehovah Your Stronghold1993
En19Your Future - How Can It Be Known?2018
En19Your Future - How Can It Be Known?2001
En20Is It Time for God to Rule the World? (July revision)2018
En20Is It Time for God to Rule the World?2018
En20Is It Time For God To Rule the World?2002
En21Cherish Your Place In the Kingdom Arrangement2018
En21How Do You Fit Into the Kingdom Arrangement?1999
En22Are You Benefiting From Jehovah's Provisions?2018
En23Life Does Have a Purpose (June Revision)2018
En23Life Does Have a Purpose2018
En22Are You Content With Jehovah's Provisions?1991
En23Life Does Have a Purpose1991
En24What God's Rulership Can Do For Us2002
En25Resisting the Spirit of the World2007
En26Does God Count You Personally Important?1992
En27Getting Marriage Off to a Good Start1998
En28Show Respect and Love In Your Marriage1998
En29Responsibilities and Rewards of Parenthood1998
En30Communication - Within the Family and With God1998
En31Happy Though Hungry - How Can It Be?1992
En32Coping With Life's Anxieties1992
En33What Is Behind the Spirit of Rebellion?1992
En34Are You "Marked" For Survival?1992
En35Can You Live Forever? Will You?1992
En36Is This Life All There Is?1992
En37Are God's Ways Really Beneficial?2017
En37Decide Now For Divine Rulership1992
En38Act Wisely As the End Draws Near1992
En39Be Confident of Divine Victory1996
En40What the Near Future Holds!1996
En41"Stand Still and See the Salvation of Jehovah"1992
En42How the Kingdom of God Affects You1996
En43Are You Doing What God Requires of You2007
En44Keep Seeking God's Kingdom2007
En45Follow the Way to Life1992
En46Maintain Your Confidence Firm to the End1992
En47"Have Faith In the Good News"1995
En48Meeting the Test of Christian Loyalty2000
En49A Cleansed Earth - Will You Live to See It?2007
En50Decisions You Face - How Will You Make Them?1993
En51Is the Truth Transforming You Life?1995
En52Who Is Your God?1993
En53Does Your Thinking Agree With God's?1993
En54Build Your Faith In Man's Maker1993
En55What Kind of Name Are You Making With God?1993
En56Into the New World Under Christ's Rulership1996
En57Bearing Up Under Persecution1993
En58How Should You Serve God1993
En59You Will Reap What You Sow1993
En60How Purposeful Is Your Life?1997
En61On Whose Promises Do You Rely?1993
En62The Only Cure For Sick Mankind1993
En63Do You Have the Evangelizing Spirit?1993
En64Lovers of Pleasure or Lovers of God?1993
En65How To Cultivate Peace In an Angry World2016
En65Find Honor and Joy In God's Ministry1993
En66Slave for the Master of the Harvest2007
En67Taking Time to Meditate on Spiritual Things2007
En68Do You Harbor Resentment or Do You Forgive?1993
En69Renewing the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice1993
En70Make Jehovah Your Confidence1993
En71How To Keep Spiritually Awake2007
En72Love Identifies the True Christian Congregation1993
En73Acquiring a Heart of Wisdom1994
En74Jehovah's Eyes Are Upon Us1994
En75Do You Recognize Jehovah's Sovereignty In Your Personal Life?2007
En76Bible Principles - Can They Help Us to Cope With Today's Problems?2010
En77Follow the Course of Hospitality1994
En78Serve Jehovah With a Joyful Heart1996
En79Friendship With God, Friendship With the World - Which Will You Choose?1996
En80Does Your Hope Rest on Science or the Bible?1994
En81Who Are Qualified as Ministers of God?1995
En82Jehovah and Christ - Are They Part of a Trinity?1995
En83Religion's Time of Judgment1995
En84Will You Accept This World's Destiny?2003
En85Good News In a Violent World2001
En86Prayers That Are Heard By God1995
En87What Is Your Relationship With God?1995
En88Why Live By Bible Standards?1995
En89Come, You Who Thirst For the Truth!1995
En90Reach Out for the Real Life2018
En90Reach Out For the Real Life!2003
En91The Messiah's Presence and His Rule1995
En92Religion's Role In World Affairs1995
En93"Acts of God" - How Do You View Them?1992
En94True Religion Meets the Needs of Human Society1993
En95The Bible's View of Spiritistic Practices1994
En95True Worship Versus the False1970
En96What Is Religion's Future?2019
En96What Is Religion's Future? (May Revision)2019
En96False Religion's End Is Near!1996
En97Remaining Blameless Amid a Crooked Generation1996
En98Keep Clean From Worldly Defilements2007
En99Why You Can Trust the Bible1997
En100True Friendship With God and Neighbor1998
En101Jehovah - The Grand Creator1995
En102Paying Attention to the Prophetic Word1995
En103You Can Find Joy In Serving God1999
En104Parents - Are You Building With Fire-Resistant Materials?2005
En105Gaining Comfort In All Our Tribulations1995
En106Ruining the Earth Brings Divine Retribution1995
En107Hold a Good Conscience In a Sinful World1995
En108Overcoming Fear of the Future1995
En109The Kingdom of God Is Near1996
En110God Comes First In Successful Family Life1995
En111What Does the Healing of the Nations Accomplish?1995
En112How to Express Love In a Lawless World1995
En113How Can Youth's Cope With Today's Crisis?1996
En114Appreciating Marvels of God's Creation1995
En115How to Protect Ourselves From Satan's Snares1995
En116Choose Your Associates Wisely!2007
En117How to Conquer Evil With Good2006
En118Looking At Youth From Jehovah's Standpoint1998
En119Christian Separateness From the World - Why Beneficial1997
En120Why Submit to God's Rulership Now1997
En121A Worldwide Brotherhood Saved From Calamity1997
En122Global Peace - From What Source?1997
En123Why Christians Must Be Different1997
En124Basis for Confidence In the Bible's Divine Authorship1997
En125Why Mankind Needs a Ransom1999
En126Who Can Be Saved?2000
En127What Happens When We Die?2000
En128Is Hell Really a Place of Fiery Torment?2000
En129Is the Trinity a Scriptural Teaching?2000
En130The Earth Will Remain Forever2000
En131Is There Really a Devil?2002
En132The Resurrection - Victory Over Death!2000
En133The Origin of Humans - Does It Matter What You Believe?2000
En134Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?2000
En135The Sacredness of Life and Blood2000
En136Does God Approve of the Use of Images In Worship?2001
En137Did the Miracles of the Bible Really Happen?2000
En138Live With Soundness of Mind In a Depraved World2000
En139Godly Wisdom In a Scientific World2000
En140Who Really Is Jesus Christ?2018
En140Who Really Is Jesus Christ?2017
En140Jesus Christ - Earth's New Ruler2000
En141Human Creation's Groaning  When Will It End?2000
En142Why Take Refuge In Jehovah?2000
En143Trust In the God of All Comfort2000
En144A Loyal Congregation Under Christ's Leadership2000
En145Who Is Like Jehovah Our God?2000
En146Use Education to Praise Jehovah2000
En147Trust In Jehovah's Saving Power2000
En148Do You Share God's View of Life?2000
En149Are You Walking With God?2000
En150Is This World Doomed to Ruin?2018
En150How Real Is God to You?2001
En150How Real Is God to You?2000
En151Jehovah Is "a Secure Height for His People"2000
En152The Real Armageddon - Why? When?2001
En153Keep Close In Mind the "Fear-Inspiring Day"!2011
En153Keep Close In Mind the "Fear-Inspiring Day"!2001
En154Human Rule Weighed In the Balance2002
En155Has Babylon's Judgment Hour Arrived?2002
En156Judgement Day - A Time of Fear or Hope?2003
En156Judgement Day - A Time of Fear or Hope?2002
En157How True Christians Adorn Divine Teaching2003
En158Be Courageous, and Trust In Jehovah2003
En159Finding Security In a Dangerous World2003
En160Safeguard Your Christian Identity!2011
En160Safeguard Your Christian Identity!2004
En161Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die?2004
En162Deliverance From a World of Darkness2014
En162Deliverance From a World of Darkness2004
En163Why Fear the True God?2005
En164Is God Still In Control?2005
En165Whose Values Do You Cherish?2005
En166Facing the Future With Faith and Courage2006
En167Act Wisely In a Senseless World2006
En168You Can Feel Safe In This Troubled World2006
En169Why Be Guided By the Bible?2007
En170Who Is Qualified to Rule Mankind?2007
En171You Can Enjoy Life In Peace Now - And Forever!2008
En172What Is Your Standing With God?2008
En173Is There a True Religion From God's Standpoint?2008
En174God's New World - Who Will Qualify to Enter?2008
En175What Marks the Bible as Authentic?2009
En176Real Peace and Security - When?2009
En177Where Can You Get Help In Times of Distress?2010
En178Walk In the Way of Integrity2010
En179Reject Worldly Fantasies, Pursue Kingdom Realities2010
En180The Resurrection - Why That Hope Should Be Real to You2011
En181Is It Later Than You Think?2011
En182What God's Kingdom Is Doing For Us Now2011
En183Turn Your Eyes Away From Worthless Things!2012
En184Does Death End It All?2012
En185Does the Truth Affect Your Life?2012
En186Unite With God's Happy People2013
En187Why Would a Loving God Permit Wickedness?2013
En188Is Your Confidence In Jehovah?2014
En189Walking With God Brings Blessings Now and Forever2014
En190A Promise of Perfect Family Happiness2014
En191How Love and Faith Conquer the World2015
En192Are You On the Road to Everlasting Life?2015
En193Rescue From World Distress2015
En194How Godly Wisdom Benefits Us2016
EnOutline for Meeting With Field Service Groups During January 20202020
EnG-19Outline for Meeting With Those Interested In the School for Kingdom Evangelizers2016
EsCO-tk132013 La Palabra de Dios es la Verdad Asamblea Regionale Discursos2013
En'Strengthen Your Hands for the Good Work' 
(Volunteers Needed for the Warwick Project)
EsCO-tk142014 Sigamos Buscando Primero el Reino de Dios Asamblea Regionale Discursos2014
EnHotel Arrangements for 2015 Regional Conventions2015
EsCO-tk152015 Imitemos a Cristo Asamblea Regionale Discursos2015
EnCO-tk162016 Remain Loyal to Jehovah! Regional Convention Talk Outlines2016
EsCO-tk162016 Seamos Leales a Jehova Asamblea Regionale Discursos2016
EnCA-brtk172016 - 2017 Maintain Love for Jehovah! Circuit Assembly Talk Outlines2017
EsCA-brtk172016 - 2017 Cuidemos nuestro amor por Jehová Asamblea de Circuito Discursos2017
EnCA-cotk172016 - 2017 Increase Your Faith in Jehovah! Circuit Assembly Talk Outlines2017
EsCA-cotk172016 - 2017 Fortalezcamos nuestra fe en Jehová Asamblea de circuito Discursos2017
EnCO-tk172017 Don't Give Up Regional Convention Talk Outlines2017
EsCO-tk172017 No Se Rinda Asamblea Regionale Discursos2017
EnCA-brtk182017 - 2018 Don't Give Up In Fulfilling the Law of Christ! Circuit Assembly Talk Outlines2018
EsCA-brtk182017 - 2018 No Se Rinda Siga Cumpliendo La Ley De Cristo Asamblea De Circuito Discursos2018
EnCA-cotk182017 - 2018 Don't Give Up In Doing What Is Fine! Circuit Assembly Talk Outlines2018
EsCA-cotk182017 - 2018 No Se Rinda Siga Haciendo Lo Que Está Bien Asamblea De Circuito Discursos2018
EnCO-tk182018 "Be Courageous" Regional Convention Talk Outlines2018
EsCO-tk182018 "Se Valiente" Asamblea Regionale Discursos2018
EsCA-brtk192018 - 2019 Asamblea de Circuito (Representante de la sucursal) Discursos2019
EsCA-cotk192018 - 2019 Asamblea de Circuito (superintendente de circuitol) Discursos2019
EsCO-tk192019 "El Amor Nunca Falla" Asamblea Regionale Discursos2019
Enkms182018 Service Year Kingdom Ministry School2018
Enkms18No.1 Do You See the Fiery Chariots?2018
Enkms18No.2 Jehovah's Celestial Chariot Is on the Move - Are You?2018
Enkms18No.3 Keep Jehovah Before You Constantly2018
Enkms18No.4 Humility or Ability - Which Does Jehovah Prefer?2018
Enkms18No.5 "Continue Applying Yourself ... to Teaching"2018
Enkms18No.6 "Continue Applying Yourself to ... Reading"2018
Enkms18No.8 Making recommendations - A Serious Responsibility (Part 2)2018
Enkms18No.9 Exercise Balance When Evaluating Regular Pioneers2018
Enkms18No.10 Protecting Minors From Abuse2018
Enkms18No.11 Needs in Our Branch Territory2018
Enkms18No.12 "Jehovah Was Listening"2018
Enkms18No.13 Do You See the Fiery Chariots?2018
Enkms18No.14 Jehovah's Celestial Chariot Is on the Move - Are You?2018
Enkms18No.15 Keep Jehovah Before You Constantly2018
Enkms18No.16 Humility or Ability - Which Does Jehovah Prefer?2018
Enkms18No.17 Ministerial Servants - Desirous of A Fine Work2018
Enkms18No.18 Building a Spiritually Strong Family2018
Enkms18No.19 Fully Accomplish Your Ministry2018
Enkms18No.20 Symposium: "Continue Applying Yourself ... to Teaching" - How to Attack an Outline2018
Enkms18No.21 Symposium: "Continue Applying Yourself ... to Teaching" - "Were Not Our Hearts Burning?"2018
Enkms18No.22 Symposium: "Continue Applying Yourself ... to Teaching" - "Be Aglow With the Spirit"2018
Enkms18No.23 Symposium: "Continue Applying Yourself ... to Teaching" - Practice! Practice! Practice! - And Do So Out Loud!2018
Enkms18No.24 "Continue Applying Yourself to ... Reading"2018
Enkms18No.25 Needs in Our Branch Territory2018
Enkms18No.26 "Jehovah Was Listening"2018
EnS-31Celebrating the Lord's Evening Meal1990
EnS-31Appreciate What Christ Has Done for You!2012
EnS-31Appreciate What Christ Has Done for You!2013
EnS-31Appreciate What Christ Has Done for You!2015
EnS-31Appreciate What Christ Has Done for You!2017
EnS-32Funeral Discourse2016
EnS-34Full List of Public Talks2018
EnS-41Honorable Marriage in God's Sight2007
EnS-99aPublic Meeting Talk Titles - Listed by Subject2012
EnS-99aPublic Meeting Talk Titles - Listed by Subject2016
EnS-99Public Meeting Talk Titles2012
EnS-141Reminders for Those Assigned Public Talks2016
BgS-31Да Сме Признатели За Това, Което Христос Е Направил За Нас!2015
BgS-38Напьтствия За Сььранието За Християнски Живот И Служьа2016
HaS-31Krisita Ye Min Kɛ An Ye, An Ka An Ka Waleɲumandɔn Jira Ka Ɲɛsin O Ma!2015
Ca1Coneixes Bé Déu?2015
Ca2Sobreviuràs A Aquests Últims Dies?2015
Ca3Segueix El Pas De L'Organització De Jehovà?2015
Ca4Hi Ha Proves Que Demostrin L'Existència De Déu?2015
Ca5Consells Pràctics Per A La Família2015
Ca6Què Aprenem Del Diluvi Universal?2015
Ca7Imitem El «Pare De Misericòrdies»2015
Ca8Hem De Viure Per Fer La Voluntat De Déu, No La Nostra2015
Ca9No Ens Tornem Indolents A L'Hora D'Escoltar2008
Ca65Com Promoure La Pau En Un Món Indignat2016
Ca90Esforça't Per Aconseguir La Vida De Debò!2018
Ca191L'Amor I La Fe Vencen El Món2015
Ca192Camines Cap A La Vida?2015
Ca193Alliberats Dels Problemes D'Aquest Món2015
Ca194Com Et Pot Beneficiar La Saviesa Divina?2016
CaS-31Agraeixes El Que Crist Ha Fet Per Tu?2015
CaS-32Discurs De Funeral2016
CaS-38Instruccions Per A La Reunió Vida Cristiana I Predicació (PDF)2017
CaS-38Instruccions Per A La Reunió Vida Cristiana I Predicació (EPUB)2017
CaS-38Instruccions Per A La Reunió Vida Cristiana I Predicació (JWPUB)2017
CaS-41Un matrimoni honorable als ulls de Déu2015
Cy1Pa Mor Dda Ydych Chi'n Adnabod Duw?2015
Cy2A Fyddwch Chi'n Goroesi'r Dyddiau Diwethaf?2015
Cy3Cyd-Gerddwch  Chyfundrefn Unedig Jehofa2015
Cy4Tystiolaeth O Dduw Yn Y Byd O'n Cwmpas2015
Cy5Cyngor Sy'n Wir Gefn I'r Teulu2015
Cy6Dilyw Adeg No A'i Ystyr I Chi2015
Cy7Efelychu Ein Tad Tyner A Thrugarog2015
Cy8Byw I Wneud Ewyllys Duw Yn Unig2015
Cy9Peidiwch Byth  Mynd Yn Araf I Ddeall1991
Cy9Byddwch Yn Wrandawr Ac Yn Wneuthurwr Gair Duw2016
Cy10Ymddwyn Yn Onest Bob Amser1991
Cy10Byddwch Yn Onest Ym Mhob Peth2016
Cy11'Nid ... Yn Perthyn I'r Byd' - Gan Efelychu Crist1991
Cy11"Ddim Yn Perthyn I'r Byd" - Gan Efelychu Crist2016
Cy12Mae Parch At Awdurdod Yn Eich Diogelu1991
Cy12Mae Eich Agwedd Tuag At Awdurdod Yn Bwysig I Dduw2016
Cy13Ystyried Rhyw A Phriodas O Safbwynt Duw1991
Cy13Ystyried Rhyw A Phriodas O Safbwynt Duw2016
Cy14Mae Pobl Lân Yn Anrhydeddu Jehofah1991
Cy14Mae Pobl Lân Yn Anrhydeddu Jehofah2018
Cy15"Gadewch I Ni Wneud Daioni I Bawb"2016
Cy16Parhewch I Dyfu Yn Eich Perthynas  Duw1991
Cy16Parhewch I Gryfhau Eich Perthynas  Duw2016
Cy17Gogoneddu Duw  Phopeth Sydd Gennym1991
Cy17Clodfori Duw  Phopeth Sydd Gennyn Ni2018
Cy18'Ydych Chi'n Wir Wneud Jehofah Yn Gadernid Ac Yn Amddiffynfa I Chi?1991
Cy18Sicrha Mai Jehofah Yw Dy Gaer Di2018
Cy19Eich Dyfodol - Sut Gellir Ei Wybod?1991
Cy19Dy Ddyfodol - Sut Gelli Di Ei Wybod?2018
Cy20Ydi Hi'n Amser I Dduw Derynasu Dros Y Byd?2002
Cy20Ai Dyma'r Amser I Dduw Derynasu Dros Y Byd?2018
Cy21Eich Lle Chi Yn Nhrefn Y Deyrnas1991
Cy21Gwarchoda Dy Le Di Yn Y Deyrnas2018
Cy22Ydych Chi'n Fodlon Ar Ddarpariaethau Jehofah?1991
Cy22Wyt Ti'n Manteisio Ar Ddarpariaethau Jehofah?2018
Cy24Yr Hyn Gall Arglwyddiaeth Duw Ei Wneud Drosom1991
Cy25Ymwrthod Ag Ysbryd Y Byd1992
Cy26'Ydi Duw Yn Eich Cyfrif Chi'n Bersonol Yn Bwysig?1992
Cy27Rhoi Cychwyn Da I Briodas1992
Cy28Dangos Parch A Chariad Yn Eich Priodas1992
Cy29Cyfrifoldebau A Gwobrau Bod Yn Rhieni1992
Cy30Cyfathrebu - O Fewn Y Teulu Ac  Duw1992
Cy31Yn Hapus Ond Yn Newynog - Sut Gall Hyn Fod?1992
Cy31Wyt Ti'n Ymwybodol O Dy Angen Ysbrydol?2018
Cy32Ymdopi  Phryderon Bywyd1992
Cy33Beth Sydd Tu Ôl I'r Ysbryd Gwrthryfel?1992
Cy34'Ydych Chi Wedi'ch "Nodi" I Oroesi?1992
Cy35'Fedrwch Chi Fyw Am Byth? 'Wnewch Chi?1992
Cy36Ai'r Bywyd Hwn Yw'r Cyfan Sydd?1992
Cy37Ai Ffordd Duw Yw'r Ffordd Orau?2017
Cy38Gweithredwch Yn Ddoeth Wrth I'r Diwedd Agosâu1992
Cy39Rhowch Eich Hyder Mewn Buddugoliaeth Ddwyfol!1992
Cy40Yr Hyn Sydd Yn Y Dyfodol Agos!1992
Cy41"Safwch Yn Llonydd ... Ac Fe Welwch Y Fuddugoliaeth A Rydd Jehofah Ichwi"1992
Cy42Sut Mae Teyrnas Dduw Yn Effeithio Arnoch Chi1996
Cy43'Ydych Chi'n Gwneud Yr Hyn Mae Duw Yn Ei Ofyn Gennych?1992
Cy44Parhewch I Geisio Teyrnas Dduw2007
Cy45Dilynwch Y Ffordd I'r Bywyd1992
Cy46Ymrowch I Sicrhau Eich Hyder Yn Gadarn Hyd Y Diwedd1992
Cy47"Credwch Yr Efengyl"1992
Cy48Ymateb I Brawf Teyrngarwch Cristionogol1992
Cy49Daear Wedi'l Glanhau - 'Wnewch Chi Fyw I Weld Hynny?2007
Cy50Penderfyniadau A Wynebwch - Sut Gwnewch Chi Nhw?1993
Cy51'Ydi'r Gwirionedd Yn Trawsffurfio Eich Bywyd?1995
Cy52Pwy Yw Eich Duw Chi?1993
Cy53Ydych Chi'n Ystyried Pethau Fel Mae Duw?1993
Cy54Adeiladwch Eich Ffydd Yng Ngwneuthurwr Dyn1993
Cy55Sut Enw Ydych Chi'n Ei Wneud Gyda Duw?1993
Cy56I Mewn I'r Drefn Newydd Dan Arweiniad Crist1996
Cy57Ymwroli Dan Faich Erledigaeth1993
Cy58Sut Dylech Chi Wasanaethu Duw?1993
Cy58Pwy Yw Gwir Ddilynwyr Crist?2017
Cy59Byddwch Yn Medi'r Hyn 'Rydych Yn Ei Hau1993
Cy60Pa Mor Llawn Pwrpas Yw'ch Bywyd Chi?1993
Cy61Ar Addewidion Pwy 'Rydych Chi'n Dibynnu?1993
Cy62Yr Unig Iachâd Ar Gyfer Y Ddynoliaeth Glaf1993
Cy63Ydi'r Ysbryd Efengylu Gennych Chi?1993
Cy64Caru Pleser Neu Garu Duw?1993
Cy65Sut I Feithrin Heddwch Mewn Byd Cas2016
Cy66Gwasanaethwch Arglywydd Y Cynhaeaf1994
Cy67Cymryd Amser I Fyfyrio Ar Bethau Ysbrydol1993
Cy68'Fyddwch Chi'n Dal Dig, New 'Fyddwch Chi'n Maddau?1993
Cy69Adnewyddu Ysbryd Hunanaberth1993
Cy70Rhowch Eich Hyder Yn Jehofah1993
Cy71Sut I Gadw'n Ysbrydol Effro1993
Cy72Cariad Sy'n Dynodi'r Gynulleidfa Wir Gristionogol1993
Cy73Caffael Calon Ddoeth1994
Cy74Mae Llygaid Jehofah Yn Ein Gwylio1994
Cy75'Ydych Chi'n Cydnabod Awdurdod Brenhinol Jehofah Yn Eich Bywyd Personol?1994
Cy76Egwyddorion Y Beibl - A Allan Nhw Ein Helpu Ni I Ymdopi  Phroblemau Heddiw?2010
Cy77Byddwch Barod Eich Lletygarwch1994
Cy78Gwas'naethu Duw  Chalon Lawen1996
Cy79Cyfeillgarwch  Duw, Cyfeillgarwch Â'r Byd, - Pa Un Ddewwiswch Chi?1994
Cy80Ydi'ch Gobaith Chi'n Seiliedig Ar Wyddoniaeth Neu Ar Y Beibl?1994
Cy81Pwy Sydd Ddigonol I Fod Yn Weinidogion Duw?1995
Cy82Jehofah A Christ - Ai Rhan O Drindod Ydyn' Nhw?1995
Cy84'Wnewch Chi Osgoi Tynged Y Byd Nhw?1995
Cy85Newyddion Da Mewn Byd Treisgar1995
Cy86Gweddïau A Glywir Gan Dduw1995
Cy87Beth Ydi'ch Perthynas Chi Gyda Duw?1995
Cy88Pam Byw Yn Ôl Safonau'r Beibl?1995
Cy89Tyrd, Ti Sy'n Sychedu Am Y Gwirionedd!1995
Cy90Ymestyn Yn Daer Tuag At Wir Fywyd!1995
Cy90Gafael Yn Y Bywyd Go Iawn!
Cy91Presenoldeb Y Meseia A'i Deyrnasu1995
Cy92Rôl Crefydd Ym Materion Y Byd1995
Cy93"Gweithredoedd Gan Dduw" - Sut 'Rydych Chi'n Eu Hystyried Nhw?1992
Cy94Mae Gwir Grefydd Yn Diwallu Anghenion Cymdeithas Ddynol1993
Cy95Golygwedd Y Beibl Ynglŷn  Gweithredu Arferion Dewinol1994
Cy96Mae Diwedd Gau Grefydd Yn Agos1995
Cy97Aros Yn Ddi-fai Yng Nghanol Cenhedlaeth Wyrgam1996
Cy98Mae'r "Byd Fel Y Mae Yn Dod I Ben"2016
Cy99Pam Medrwch Ymddiried Yn Y Beibl1997
Cy100Gwir Gyfeillgarwch Gyda Duw A Chymydog1998
Cy101Jehofah - Y Creawdwr Mawr1995
Cy102Rhoi Sylw I'r Gair Proffwydol1995
Cy103Medrwch Ganfod Llawenydd Wrth Wasanaethu Jehofah1995
Cy104Rieni - Ydych Chi'n Adeiladu Gyda Defnyddiau Anhylosg?2005
Cy105Cael Ein Diddanu Ym Mhob Gorthrymder1995
Cy106Daw Difetha'r Ddaear  Dialedd Dwyfol1995
Cy107Cadw Cydwybod Lân Mewn Byd Pechadurus1995
Cy108Goresgyn Ofni'r Dyfodol1995
Cy109Mae Teyrnas Dduw Wedi Dod Yn Agos1995
Cy111Beth Mae Iachau'r Cenhedloedd Yn Ei Gyflawni?1995
Cy113Sut Gall Ieuenctid Ymdopi Ag Argyfwng Heddiw?1995
Cy114Gwerthfawrogi Rhyfeddodau Creadigaeth Duw1995
Cy115Sut I'n Hamddiffyn Ein Hunain Rhag Maglau Satan1995
Cy116Dewiswch Eich Cymdeithion Yn Ddoeth!1995
Cy117Sut I Drechu Drygioni  Daioni1997
Cy118Edrych Ar Rai Ifanc O Safbwynt Jehofah1997
Cy119Arwahanrwydd Cristnogol - Pam Mae'n Llesol Ymwrthod Â'r Byd1997
Cy120Pam Ymostwng I Arglwyddiaeth Duw 'Nawr1997
Cy121Arbed Brawdoliaeth Fyd-eang Rhag Dinistr1997
Cy122Heddwch Byd - O Ba Ffynhonnell?1997
Cy123Pam Mae'n Rhaid I Cristnogion Fod Yn Wahanol1997
Cy124Sail Hyder Yn Awduraeth Ddwyfol Y Beibl1997
Cy125Pam Mae Angen Pridwerth Ar Y Ddynoliaeth1999
Cy126Pwy All Gael Ei Achub?2000
Cy127Be' Sy'n Digwydd Pan 'Rydym Ni'm Marw?2000
Cy128Be' Ydi Uffern? Man Artaith Tanllyd?2000
Cy129Ydi Dysgeidiaeth Y Drindod Yn Ysgrythurol?2000
Cy130Bydd Y Ddaear Yn Aros Am Byth2000
Cy131Oes 'Na Ddiafol?2000
Cy132Buddugoliaeth Yr Atgyfodiad Dros Angau2000
Cy133O Ble Daeth Bodau Dynol? - Ydi Hi'n Bwysig Be' 'Rydych Yn Ei Gredu?2000
Cy134Oes Rhaid I Gristnogion Gadw'r Saboth?2000
Cy135Mae Bywyd A Gwaed Yn Gysegredig2000
Cy136Addoli Gyda Help Eilunod - Ydi Hyn Yn Plesio Duw?2001
Cy137Fedrwn Ni Gredu Gwyrthiau'r Beibl?2000
Cy138Patrwm Byw Disgybledig A Chyfrifol Mewn Byd Anwar2000
Cy139Doethineb Dduwiol Mewn Byd Gwyddonol2000
Cy140Beth Yw'r Gwir Am Iesu Grist?2017
Cy140Beth Yw'r Gwir Am Iesu Grist?2018
Cy141Y Greadigaeth Ddynol Yn Ochneidio - Pryd Ddaw Hyn I Ben?2000
Cy142Pam Gwmeud Jehofah Yn Noddfa I Ni2000
Cy143Ymddiriedwch Yn Nuw Pob Diddanwch2000
Cy144Cynulleidfa Deyrngar Yn Dilyn Arweiniad Crist2000
Cy145Pwy Sy'n Debyg I Jehofah Ein Duw?2000
Cy146Defnyddio Addysg I Foli Jehofah2000
Cy150Ai Dinistr Yw Dyfodol Y Byd?2018
Cy153Disgwyl Yn Awyddus Y 'Dydd Mawr Ac Ofnadwy'!2011
Cy155Ydi Awr Barnu Babilon Wedi Dod?2002
Cy158Byddwch Wrol, Ac Ymddiriedwch Yn Jehofah2003
Cy159Diogelwch Ysbrydol Mewn Byd Llawn Peryglon2003
Cy160Gwyliwch Eich Hunaniaeth / Identiti Gristnogol!2004
Cy161Pam Ddioddefodd Iesu A Marw?2004
Cy162Gwaredigaeth O Fyd Tywyllwch2014
Cy163Pam Ofni'r Gwir Dduw?2005
Cy164Ydi Duw Yn Rheoli Heddiw?2005
Cy165Gwerthoedd Pwy 'Rwyt Ti'n Eu Harddel?2005
Cy166Wynebu'r Dyfodol Gyda Ffydd A Gwroldeb2006
Cy167Gweithredu'n Ddoeth Mewn Byd Di-synnwyr2006
Cy168Gallwch Deimlo'n Ddiogel Yn Y Byd Cythryblus Hwn!2006
Cy169Pam Dilyn Cyngor Y Beibl?2007
Cy170Pwy Sy'n Gymys I Deyrnasu Ar Y Ddynoliaeth?2007
Cy171Gallwch Chi Fwynhau Bywyd Heddychlon Nawr Ac Am Byth!2008
Cy172A Oes Gennych Enw Sy'n Gymeradwy Gan Dduw?2008
Cy173Oes Yna Wir Grefydd Yng Ngolwg duw?2008
Cy174Daear Newydd Duw - Pwy Fydd Yn Gymwys I Fyw Arni?2008
Cy175Beth Sy'n Dangos Mai Gair Duw Yw'r Beibl?2009
Cy176Gwir Heddwch A Diogelwch - Pryd?2009
Cy178Rhodiwch Yn Gywir2010
Cy179Cyfeillgarwch  Duw, Cyfeillgarwch Â'r Byd, - Pa Un Ddewiswch Chi?1994
Cy180Yr Atgyfodiad - Rhesymau Y Dylai'r Gobaith Hwn Fod Yn Fyw Ichi2011
Cy181A Ydy Hi'n Hwyrach Nag Yr Ydych Chi Yn Ei Feddwl?2011
Cy182Yr Hyn Mae Teyrnas Dduw Yn Ei Wneud I Ni Nawr2011
Cy183Trowch Eich Llygaid Ymaith O Bethau Diwerth!2012
Cy184Marwolaeth - Ai Dyna'r Diwedd?2012
Cy185Ydy'r Gwirionedd Yn Effeithio Ar Eicdh Bywyd Chi?2012
Cy186Ymunwch  Phobl Hapus Duw2013
Cy187Pam Y Byddai Duw Cariadus Yn Caniatâu Drygioni?2013
Cy188Ai Yn Jehofah Mae Eich Hyder?2014
Cy189O Rodio Gyda Duw Daw Bendithion Nawr Ac Yn Dragwyddol2014
Cy190Addewid O Fywyd Teuluol Perffaith2014
Cy191Mae Cariad A Ffydd Yn Gorchfygu'r Byd2015
Cy192Ydych Chi Ar Y Ffordd I Fywyd Tragwyddol?2015
Cy193Gwaredigaeth Rhag Gofid Byd-eang2015
Cy194Sut Gallwn Ni Elwa Ar Ddoethineb Duwiol?2016
CyS-31Gwerthfawrogi'r Hyn Mae Crist Wedi Ei Wneud Drosoch Chi!2017
CyS-32Anerchiad Angladd2016
CyS-41Priodas Anrhydeddus yng Ngolwg Duw2007
CyS-99Teitlau Anerchiadau Cyhoeddus2012
CyS-99Teitlau Anerchiadau Cyhoeddus - Wedi Eu Rhestru Yn Ôl Pwnc2012
De1Wie Gut Kennst Du Gott?2015
De2Die Leitzen Tage: Wer Wird Sie Überleben?2015
De3Mit Jehovas Wereinter Organisation Weiter Richtung Ewigkeit2015
De4Beweise Für Die Existenz Gottes Wahrnehmen2015
De5Als Familie Glücklich Sein2015
De6Die Sintflut - Mehr Als Eine Geschichte2015
De7Den „Vater Inniger Erbarmungen“ Narchahmen 2015
De8Für Gott Und Nicht Für Sich Selbst Leben2015