Organizational Policy of Jehovah's Witnesses

Letters to Elders & Congregations 2018

In an effort to reduce the number of letters sent to all bodies of elders and congregations, most announcements from the branch office(s) will now be conveyed to congregations by means of the Announcements and … Read More →

Christmas, its origins and its purpose

Christmas, Its Origin and Purpose

Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses not celebrate Christmas? The complete answer lies in a talk that I, Richard H. Barber, gave on December 12, 1928. The talk was subsequently published in The Golden Age Volume 10 … Read More →

2017 Service Year Report

2017 Service Year Report

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 2017 Service Year Report has been released. It is a wonderfully detailed two-page document that gives us a good idea of how Jehovah is blessing the world-wide work. Unfortunately, one of the … Read More →

Children First Act 2015

Ireland’s Children First Act

The Children First Act 2015 was signed into Law in the Republic of Ireland on Thursday, November 19th 2015. At that time only part of the Act was in effect.  The Children First Act forms … Read More →

Öffentliche Vorträge

Öffentliche Vorträge

Jehovas Zeugen haben eine große Auswahl an öffentlichen Vorträgen, aus denen Älteste und Dienstamtgehilfen wählen können. Diese öffentlichen Vorträge werden verwendet, um eine Predigt an ihren Wochenend-Meetings zu geben, die in den örtlichen Königreichssälen auf … Read More →

The Apocryphal Hypocrisy

The Apocryphal Hypocrisy

If there is one thing Jehovah’s Witnesses have emphasized over and over again about the Bible, it is the notion that Apocryphal books of the Bible are not to be read, believed or referenced. …Which … Read More →

The Watchtower 2018 & Awake! 2018 magazine

2018 Magazines of Jehovah’s Witnesses

View or download 2018 editions of Awake! and The Watchtower (Public Edition, Study Edition, and Simplified Edition) as individual magazines. Magazines are in various formats: BRL, EPUB, JWPUB and PDF. The Watchtower – Public Edition Magazines The Watchtower – … Read More →