Kingdom Ministry School

The Kingdom Ministry School should not be mistaken for the now defunct Theocratic Ministry School*. The Kingdom Ministry School is used to train Jehovah’s Witness elders to be more effective clergy men. This ensures that they strictly follow the policies and procedures that are sent to them from their local headquarters.

The greatest portion of the School is focused on Jehovah’s Witnesses’ disciplinary and judicial processes. An important part of the education is handling of legal matters.  A small section of the School deals with recommending male members as elders and ministerial servants. The remainder of the School provides instructions on how to conduct public study sessions as part of their weekly meetings.

Here you will find some of the instructional talks used at the Kingdom Ministry School. They provide an invaluable insight into the methods used by Watch Tower to train their representatives.

  1. No. 3(b) Exercising Discernment and Insight as Elders – Addendum (2002)
  2. No. 6 Updated Direction Regarding Judicial Matters – Part 1 (1992)
  3. No. 16 Assisting Elders to Handle Judicial Matters Properly (2001)
  4. No. 19 Preach The Word – Be At It Urgently (1994)
  5. No. 21 Questions and Answers Relative to Handling Problems (1992)
  6. No. 22 Jehovah Makes Provision For Our Needs (1994)
  7. No. 23 Assisting Elders to Make Recommendations For Appointment of Elders and Ministerial Servants (2001)
  8. No. 45 Proper Handling of Judicial Matters (2001)
  9. No. 46 Giving Attention to Needs in Our Field – Part 1 (2001)
  10. No. 51 Congregation Book Study Overseer – Shepherding (2001)
  11. No. 53 Giving Attention to Needs in Our Field – Part 2 (2001)
  12. No. 54 Making Recommendations for Appointment of Elders and Ministerial Servants (2001)
  13. No. 57 Maintain the Peace and Cleanness of the Congregation (2005)

* The Theocratic Ministry School was used to train publishers (rank-and-file Jehovah’s Witnesses) to be more effective door-to-door preachers and speakers. The Theocratic Ministry School has now been replaced with the Christian Life & Ministry meeting that are held mid-week in kingdom halls around the globe.

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