PIMO Physically in, Mentally out

It's never too late to break free

Its never too late to break free

The following life experience was originally posted by a retired Jehovah’s Witness elder on the exJW sub-reddit. It is reproduced here with permission. My parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1958, when I was just one … Read More →

Olive Wolschke - Young Father Leaves Jehovah's Witnesses

Natalia Koretskaya

Natalia Koretskaya

Natalia Koretskaya was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for many years. She was called as a legal witness by the Russian Ministry of Justice during the court hearings held in Moscow earlier this year to ban … Read More →



Nansa nhyiamu a wato din “Di Yehowa Nokware Daa” bi kɔɔ so wɔ Ghana August 12 – 14, 2016. Yehowa Dansefoɔ bi deɛ ɛnyɛ ‘honhom fam aduane’ no nti na na wɔwɔ hɔ. Ɔkɔɔ hɔ … Read More →

Literature Litter - Martin John Gaugh

Literature Litter

I was born in 1977.  I am a fifth generation Jehovah’s Witness on my mother’s side. I’m a third generation on my father’s side.  This doesn’t include overlapping generations! My great grandma’s uncle was of the “Anointed”. … Read More →

Waking Up Ghana featured image

Waking Up Ghana

Waking Up Ghana is one Ghanaian elder’s story of escaping the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He provides an insightful look into the Jehovah’s Witnesses judicial system. He highlights its flaws and weaknesses. He gives reader’s an understanding of how such a fallacious system lays the groundwork for exposing the religion for what it truly is. Read More →