Young Jehovah's Witnesses left in the dark

Young Jehovah’s Witnesses Left in the Dark

Scott Terry talks to two young Jehovah’s Witnesses who are standing at their literature cart. The conversation that ensues is compelling. It provides an insightful view into the minds of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It helps us see … Read More →

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I don’t want to do this anymore. I never did. This is not love. This is not fun – the game you play. You’re taking away pieces of me, that I will have to fight … Read More →

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Five Year Rule

What is the five year rule? Does the five year rule really exist? If it exists, how and why is it used? And are you a victim of it? This article explores the likelihood of a secret … Read More →

Pastor Russell visits UK and Ireland

Here is an interesting article regarding Charles Taze Russell (aka Pastor Russell) on his visit to the United Kingdom and Ireland in 1910. Prior to arriving in the UK, he had visited Egypt and Palestine. … Read More →

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Hebrews 1:8

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, like most trinitarians, that Jesus and Jehovah are separate beings. Where they differ from the view of trinitarians is on the God aspect. In Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine, Jesus is not, and cannot, be God. … Read More →

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The DRILL Proposal

Jehovah’s Witnesses define apostates in a manner presented to them by their Watchtower magazine. In The Watchtower Feb 15 2004, in the study article, Guard Against Deception, they have twisted scriptures to promote their definition of “apostates” In that … Read More →

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Racial Segregation & Jehovah’s Witnesses

Throughout their history, Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken a rather impotent stance against racial segregation. This has been an issue for Jehovah’s Witnesses, not just in the United States of America, but worldwide. Among Jehovah’s Witnesses, … Read More →