Why Jehovah's Witnesses may be Extremist

Why Jehovah’s Witnesses may be Extremist

Jehovah’s Witnesses have said on their Russian website that their incitement to hatred towards people is foreign to them. They say that they follow the humane precepts of Jesus Christ. They go on to provide FOUR reasons … Read More →

Child Abuse Policy Comparison image

Child Abuse Policy Comparison

On August 1 2016, Jehovah’s Witnesses made a worldwide release of a Child Abuse policy letter to all Bodies of Elders. This letter is to replace the October 1 2012 letter. But what are the main … Read More →

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為了讓人得到平衡的資訊,自由決定參與宗教。 這份24頁的冊子,可以送給來自中國/懂得中文的遊客,朋友, 學生。讓這些不太認識基督教的朋友,可以明白耶和華見證人的信仰, 與一般基督教不同的地方。   为了让人得到平衡的资讯,自由选择宗教。这份24页的册子,可以送给 懂中文的游客,朋友,学生。让这些不太认识基督教的朋友,可以明白耶和华见证人的信仰,于一般基督教不同的地方。   T01 (Beware of JWs, Trad Chi) T01 (Beware of JWs, Simp Chi) Share to Public (about JWs)_Simp Chi  Share to Public (about JWs) Trad Chi

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Salvation, … Maybe

For the majority of mainstream Christians, salvation isn’t a question. If you would ask any Christian if they were saved, they would unquestionably answer yes. Why is that? Well, there are many verses in the … Read More →

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The DRILL Proposal

Jehovah’s Witnesses define apostates in a manner presented to them by their Watchtower magazine. In The Watchtower Feb 15 2004, in the study article, Guard Against Deception, they have twisted scriptures to promote their definition of “apostates” In that … Read More →

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Racial Segregation & Jehovah’s Witnesses

Throughout their history, Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken a rather impotent stance against racial segregation. This has been an issue for Jehovah’s Witnesses, not just in the United States of America, but worldwide. Among Jehovah’s Witnesses, … Read More →

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